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September 20, 2011

Nikon reveals its new 2.7x mirrorless system with 2 cameras & 4 lenses [updated 3x]

Nikon has officially announced its brand new mirrorless system! The system will go by the name of "Nikon 1" with a 1-inch 10mp CMOS sensor, with a 2.7x equivalency coefficient. The first two cameras to launch the system are the J1 and V1. The name "CX" is used to designate this sensor size, a name to go along with DX (APS-C) and FX (35mm full frame).

Lens-wise, the system launches with four lenses: a pancake, a kit zoom, another zoom, and a powerzoom (10x), along with a new SB-N5 speedlight and a GPS unit.

Also launched, especially of interest perhaps to existing Nikon users is the FT1 mount adapter which allows you to mount F-mount lenses on the new CX bodies - with the 2.7x "equivalency".

You may have noticed the lack of hands-on previews, this may be because of logistics. The Twitter account of Pop Photo just tweeted that their technical editor is going hands-on with the camera.

NOTE: latest update on this post on Sept-22-2011 at 8:40pm New York City time. New updates on the Nikon mirrorless system can be found at the front page of the blog and/or the Nikon CX system category.

Interview with Nikon Vampires
+ juicy interview with Nikon representatives at Imaging Resource
+ don't call it mirrorless says Nikon at ePhotoZine
+ another interview, this time at Pocket Lint
+ we are not afraid of Canon mirrorless they told Amateur Photographeur UK

Sample Pictures
+ Nikon J1 and V1 full-size samples at Digital Camera Review
+ Nikon J1 full size samples at Pop Photo
+ side-by-side pixel-peeping, Nikon V1 vs the world at Les Numeriques
+ Nikon J1 real-world samples at dpreview
+ Nikon V1 full-size JPEG and RAW real-world samples at Quesabesde (towards the bottom)
+ Nikon V1 ISO-range test-samples and comparison vs Coolpix P1700, E-P3, G3, and NEX-5n at Focus Numerique
+ Nikon V1 full-size real-world JPEG samples with the pancake, kit and 10x zoom lenses at Lens Tip
+ Nikon V1 full-size real-world JPEG samples at
+ Nikon J1 studio-test samples including NEF files at Imaging Resource
+ full-size samples at the Nikon launch event at
+ four full-size Nikon J1 samples including one with the 10mm pancake at Nikon Japan
+ five full-size Nikon V1 samples with the 10-30 and 30-110 lenses at Nikon Japan

Hands on and Previews
+ the prototypes and more at ePrototypeZine
+ 3-page preview at Trusted Reviews
+ Nikon J1 hands-on at ePhotozine and Pocket Link
+ preview/event at Le Monde de la Photo
+ preview/event at DCI
+ hands-on with the Nikon V1 and camera-body size comparison vs Coolpix P300, P7000, D3100, E-PM1, NEX-C3, GF3 at Quesabesde (computer translated)
+ Nikon J1 and V1 first impressions at dpreview
+ Nikon J1 vs Olympus E-PM1 side-by-side camera body comparison at ePhotoZine (lots of pictures!)
+ Nikon V1 hands-on at Pocket Lint and Amateur Photographer UK
+ Nikon J1 hands-on at ephotozine
+ press event launch at and, and DP UK
+ text first impressions at PhotoComment
+ mega hands-on at Photography Blog including future gear, V1, J1 and lenses
+ hands-on with Nikon V1 including pictures of the display with histogram at ephotozine
+ behind the scenes at the Manhattan launch event at PDN
+ hands-on with new cameras and lenses at dpreview including mockups of possible future lenses
+ Engadget with 3-minute hands-on video, also Engadget Chinese
+ Galbraith (colorful family portrait in pic #2)
+ Gizmodo
+ at the Nikon launch event at

Preview at Japanese launch event
+ lots and lots of pictures from the Japanese launch event, including pictures of seven R&D/development lenses and a picture of the sensor at DC Watch Impress (computer translated)

Specs Comparison
+ sensor-size comparison between all mirrorless systems at Photoscala
+ between new Nikons and E-P3/PL3, GF3, NEX-5n/-7 at CNet News
+ size and specs comparison between Nikon V1 and Sony NEX-5n at Sony Alpha NEX
+ spec comparison between Sony V1 and Nikon NEX-5n at Pocket Lint

Nikon material
+ Nikon Imaging showing bodies and lenses
+ Nikon V1 video at Nikon Image (Japanese)
+ 150-second video promo of Nikon V1 on YouTube (caution: high-speed flashing of the screen)
+ Nikon Europe CX system micro site
+ 40-page PDF brochure via Nikonians
+ MTF charts and one 1 system chart at the bottom of the DSLR Magazine post
+ system accessories family portrait at Pocket Lint
+ the "1 Hands Statue", perhaps it deserves to go into the museum of modern marketing art - via Pocket Lint ;-)
+ the Big Hands marketing campaign

Press Releases
+ dpreview: cameras and lenses
+ dc resource
+ Imaging Resource and lenses
+ PDN Pulse
+ Photoscala
+ Pop Photo
+ Le Monde de la Photo: cameras and lenses
+ Photoxels
+ ephotozine
+ British Journal of Photography
+ Photography Blog
+ Quesabesde and lenses
+ Focus Numerique
+ Photo Review
+ dpnow
+ AmPho UK
+ Photography Review

+ complete system pre-orders page
+ V1 w/10-30mm (black) for $900 and V1 two-lens kit (10-30 and 10mm) for $1150
+ various Nikon J1 kits starting at $650

+ lots of opinions at EOS HD
+ lots of opinions and analyzings at Thom Hogan
+ who is this for? asks The Digital Story
+ Will it succeed? asks EOS-HD
+ opinion at Through the Looking Glass
+ Richard Butler makes the case why this makes sense from Nikon's perspective at dpreview
+ opinion and comparison to Pentax Q system at Photography Banzai
+ opinion and sensor-size comparison at Serious Compacts
+ Picard and Ryker helps deliver the Strobist opinion
+ strange headline: "Nikon sticks it to Sony NEX" at Register Hardware
+ MJ at TOP
+ 6-minute video opinion by Fro Knows Photo (YouTube)
+ 4-minute video option by The Speedy Shutter (YouTube)

Random sampling of Twitter Reactions
+ specs/lenses are meh says @mnemonicdevice
+ sensor size a disappointment says @darrenmurph of Engadget
+ "interesting start but... " says @WilOwyong
+ how about iTTL asks @ianhylands
+ revolutionary and Wow says @AkiAnastasiou
+ epic fail with smallish sensor says @Zeke_Kamm

Early Rant on the System Name
The choice of a name for the system is a disaster. The "1 system"? Come on! Are names that hard to find? If nothing else, just call it the "CX system". "1" is just too common and it is used in even the simplest of sentences! "I would like to buy 1 1 camera and 2 1 lenses please" ;-) The camera names are awkward too, "Nikon 1 V1", "Nikon 1 J1". Soy vey!

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