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September 01, 2011

New Samsung WB750 & WB690 superzooms and MV800 w/flippable LCD

As Samsung self-leaked, their IFA 2011 product announcements are here, starting with three new fixed lens digital cameras: two superzooms and one "Engadget" P&S camera.

Two new superzooms: WB750 and WB690
First up, we have the Samsung WB750 superzoom with a 18x optical zoom Schneider-Kreuznach branded lens starting at 24mm wide and featuring a 12mp backlit CMOS sensor of the usual 1/2.x" variety. Press release parade at dpnow, Engadget, ephotozine, Photoscala, DC Resource, et al.

Next up we have the Samsung WB690, which appears to be a limited-availability release and a "WB700 Lite" according to Les Numeriques. Yep, we have so many new cameras these days, some marketing departments don't even bother to include all the models in the press releases.

Samsung MV800 with rotating back (back = LCD display)
And we close with yet another experiment by Samsung, the MV800, whose flippable LCD can rotate all the way to face the subject of the camera, offering a 180-degree angle of movement. But its not just the display that moves, it's the whole back of the camera which is essentially the display. This is the "MultiView" feature that puts the MV in the model name. This is yet another "Engadget" camera to appeal to gadgetholics and mass-market electronics chain store buyers and such.

Press release parade at Photoscala, DC Resource, with hands-on action at Engadget (video), ePhotozine and Photography Blog. Did I mention this was a gadgetologist-bait camera? :)

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