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September 22, 2011

New Camera Reviews site (beta version)

Interested in camera reviews? Then the time has come to see our new Camera Reviews mini-site. You can also access it quickly from any browser with the easy to type and easy to remember url Thanks to all the "Beta Readers" for checking it out and giving your feedback!

The new mini-site has a similar format and function as the Lens Reviews mini-site. It is currently in beta and more additions and improvements will be made in the next few weeks. Its functionality will increase over time.

You can find a link to the new page at the top of each page here at the main blog, look for the link "CAMERA REVIEWS" at the very top of the page. [NEW!]

The most effective way to navigate the new mini-site is the drop-down menu at the top of each page. Moving the mouse over the menu expands it further. Here is an example, with the (filter cameras by) "Lens Mount" option expanded (the following right below is a screenshot crop, not a live menu):


The About/Help/FAQ page will also expand over time with more details on how to make the most of the site.

If you find this new site useful, there are two great ways you can help: 1) tell your photographer and geek/nerd friends, 2) do some of your online shopping using the "SHOP" menu at the Camera Reviews page.

How to make the most of it
Right now, it is a great way to check some of the latest reviews of some of the most interesting cameras available. Unlike the main blog, we do not have to wait for enough reviews to arrive for a review round-up. New reviews will be posted there individually. Thanks to the categories and tags, individual reviews will be automatically stacked up like Legos. For example, here is the "review stream" for the Sony NEX-C3

In the next few weeks, will we be importing the reviews from the previous generation review pages - the old DSLR(/iLC) review organizer and the old fixed lens review organizer. The older reviews will be imported as a single list, as is, in vertical instead of horizontal/table format. Here is an example of an imported review list, the Canon 7D reviews list.

In the next few weeks we will also be importing reviews from the various review round-ups. They will be imported either individually or as catch-up-a-thon review lists.

Which cameras to feature?
With 600+ new cameras since CES 2009, we can only feature the more intriguing cameras. Even if we had the infinite resources to cover every single camera and every single review, how many of you would be interested in sifting through 50+ new reviews per day, just to find the eight reviews that are not shiny-silver clone cameras or press-release rewrites? :)

For cameras that fall somewhere in between an interesting camera and a shiny-silver-clone that will be replaced in six months again, we may be doing one time catch-up review lists. As a compromise between nothing and on-going coverage.

Since we have too many cameras and too many reviews, we are also going to increase the review quality expectations. The purpose of this blog is to pin-point potentially interesting and helpful information. Wishy-washy reviews are neither helpful nor interesting. One of (many) rules of thumb we use to evaluate the usefulness of a review: Start with the review, subtract what is written in the press release, subtract what is written in the specs sheet, and evaluate what is left. Sometimes very little is left. But this does not mean longer is better. For example, a seasoned camera reviewer + photographer can provide a more helpful review in seven paragraphs than someone else writing a 10-pager - assuming the seven paragraph review points out things that many people missed or did not truly figure out or distills years of experience in a compact and concise fashion (not an easy thing to do).

As a reminder this site is written for you, the photographer! It is not written for the camera manufacturers, it is not written for the retailers, and it is not written for the various industry divas :)

Feedback, Opinions, Errors, Confusions, Etc
Please feel free to lettuce know what you think by leaving a comment below, or using the online contact form, or sending an email to 1001noisycameras [at] gmail {dot} com, or a message on the Twitter.

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