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September 2011 (104 posts)

September 30: Nikon V1 gets the DxoMark treatment too
September 30: New quietly released Fuji L55 basic P&S camera
September 30: Opinion Soup (sensor sizes, lens flaws, street photography, mirrorless, camera wishes, Imatest reality check, etc)
September 29: Reviews (D3x) & Tests (V1) & Samples (A77, NEX-7, Q, X10)
September 29: DxoMark evaluates the new Nikon mirrorless J1
September 28: Firestarters: Nikon and ...Bob Dylan
September 28: Reviews (GXR M-mount, E-PL3) and Hands-onz (J1, A77, NEX7, NX11)
September 28: Firmware update for 24mp Sony cameras in the works
September 27: Reviews (J1, A77, Q, C5050, etc) & Samples (V1, NEX-5n w/Zeiss, etc)
September 27: Canon sends invites for EOS and Pixma event on October 26
September 27: Also (new ACDSee Pro 5, Color Efex Pro 4, NX, Sigma PP, volunteer podcaster, etc)
September 27: (ENDED) 30% off Adobe Photoshop CS5 (North America; Tuesday only!)
September 27: (SOLD OUT) Fuji X100 in-stock again for $1200
September 26: Nikon D7000 drops to $1130 [sold-out: Fuji X100 for $1200]
September 26: Pixel-peep the Sony A77 at dpreview with studio-test-samples
September 26: Reviews & Previews (A77, E-P3, GF3, V1, J1, superzooms, etc)
September 26: Sony A77 gets crowned in new Pop Photo review
September 26: Monday Shopping Quarterback (5DMk2 w/Red Giant, Wacom w/LR3, Canon S95, etc)
September 25: Will someone make a serious mirrorless/compact system? (poll)
September 25: Weekly Rewind (Nikon mirrorless, Elements 10, Canon chatter, etc)
September 24: Reviews (J1, A35, GF3, E-PM1, E-PL3, R3000, T3, etc)
September 24: More Canon speculation: 5DMk3 and future line-up
September 24: Sony offering fix for NEX-5n clicking sound
September 23: Speculation on Canon DSLR/iLC line-up by Photokina 2012
September 23: Sony Alpha A77 test results at DxoMark
September 23: New Nikon mirrorless updates (hands-ons, full-size samples, interviews, etc)
September 23: Wild rumor: Fujinon lenses for Canon?
September 22: New Camera Reviews site (beta version)
September 22: Also (Lensbaby goes video pro, LiveLens EF to M43, Vimeo music, etc)
September 22: One more update to the Nikon mirrorless mega round-up
September 22: Rumors: Panasonic GFX1 advanced mirrorless coming this year
September 21: More Nikon mirrorless previews, full-size samples, ISO comparison and opinions
September 21: RED will be revealing Scarlet final specs on November 3rd
September 20: Nikon reveals its new 2.7x mirrorless system with 2 cameras & 4 lenses [updated 3x]
September 20: Opinionated Question: Have Canon+Nikon yielded the spotlight for too long?
September 20: Reviews (A35, A77, E-PL3, Q, superzooms, etc)
September 20: Nikon Coolpix P7100 ISO comparison (vs G12, XZ1, LX5, P7000)
September 20: Nikon launches awkward countdown page (the revelation: Wedn 1pm NYC time)
September 20: Canon reveals giant CMOS sensor (202x205mm) to record meteors
September 19: Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 10 (with previews already!)
September 19: Thom Hogan analyzes the current mirrorless situation
September 19: Reviews (NEX-5n, -C3, E-PL3, etc) & Samples (Oly 45/1.8 M43rds, E-PM1, etc)
September 19: Flagship Wars: Nikon D3x vs Pentax 645D
September 19: New Ricoh mirrorless developed by Pentax?
September 18: Sony NEX-7 first impressions at Luminous (and Sony A77 at Photo Review)
September 18: (CLOSED; Thx!) Request for Beta Readers: the new Camera Reviews page
September 18: Weekly Rewind (new Canon, Ricoh, Kodak, Pentax, Canon future annies, etc)
September 17: Canon working on a more affordable 35mm full frame DSLR?
September 16: Reviews (NEX-5n, Pentax Q, E-PL3, etc) & Samples (NEX-7 w/Zeiss 24/1.8 NEX, etc)
September 16: Fuji X100 Quest: can be ordered for $1200 in "temporarily out of stock" status
September 16: Canon Pro product launch on September 22 says @DigitalRev
September 15: Recapping the last 24 hours: new cameras, new MF action, Canon futuralia
September 15: Canon planning historic global announcement on November 3 in Hollywood
September 15: Canon sends email survey that includes mirrorless questions [updated]
September 15: Four new leaf-shutter lenses in development (Phase One & Schneider)
September 15: New Canon S100 replaces the S95 (adds CMOS, GPS, 10fps, 1080p)
September 15: New Canon SX40 HS superzoom
September 15: New Ricoh GRD IV arrives with sensor-shift stabilization, hybrid AF
September 14: In case you missed it: weekly TWiT Photo netcast (video/audio)
September 14: Also (new Sandisk cards and w/EyeFi, Sandisk Vault, Q ecosystem, etc)
September 14: Reviews & Hands-ons (A77, Q, M9P, NEX-C3, GXR A12 M, VF3, FZ150, etc)
September 14: dpreview and AMW post real-world full-size Sony NEX-7 samples [updated]
September 14: New Kodak M5370 P&S camera is announced (new M5350 too) [also: Z5010 gets annie]
September 13: Seven real-world Sony NEX-7 samples at Imaging Resource [more added!]
September 13: Also (firmware, new 24-inch Wacom tablet, #togs comedy web tv series, etc)
September 13: Fuji updates X100 worship page with new content
September 12: Reviews (Olympus E-P3, Pentax Q, Nikon P300, etc)
September 12: New Pentax Optio RZ18 18x superzoom is revealed
September 11: Sony Alpha A65 first impressions at Luminous Landscape
September 11: Weekly Rewind (red D3100, Kodak Z5010, Rayqual adapters for Q, Sony CineAlta F65, etc)
September 9: Quietly appeared: new Kodak Z5010 superzoom (14mp, 21X zoom, AA)
September 9: Reviews (new Sonys, M43rds, Pentax Q, GXR A12, X100, superzooms, meta news, etc)
September 9: Rayqal making various adapters for the Pentax Q
September 9: Nikon mirrorless becomes existential soap-opera (stock jumps again)
September 8: Also (new Sony CineAlta F65, Adobe Carousel cloud, printers, software, etc)
September 8: Rumors: Samsung R1 retro-style 24mp 10fps mirrorless interchangeable camera?
September 8: Compare Sigma SD1 test-samples w/other cameras at Imaging Resource
September 8: Pictures of Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 caught at IFA 2011
September 8: Nikon reveals red-bodied D3100 DSLR
September 7: Canon+Nikon lose 35% market share in Japan to mirrorless (Nikon mirrorless coming?)
September 7: Rumors: Test picture from iPhone 5 spotted?
September 6: Two Pentax Q kits enter the Top 20 in Japan (BCN Ranking)
September 6: Sigma SD1 real-world samples at dpreview
September 6: CIPA production and shipment data for July 2011
September 6: Picture #34000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
September 6: Samsung NX200 hands-on and full-size JPEG samples
September 6: Weekly Rewind (new X10, NX200, P&S, hybrids, XZ1 1.7x TC, Zeiss filters, RED ships, etc)
September 5: Reviews (Fuji X10, Sony NEX-5N, GXR A12 M-mount, etc)
September 5: Also (Pentax K-lenses to Q-bodies, new Zeiss filters, Samyang M43 fisheye, RED EPIC-X ships, etc)
September 4: Labor Day Weekend Camera Specials (2011 edition)
September 4: dpreview launches Articles section with lots of new content
September 3: Sony presentation on Imaging Sensors available online
September 3: Recap of the latest reviews, samples and previews
September 3: Even more new-Sony action (A77, A65, NEX-7, -5N)
September 2: Samples (RAW and full-size JPEG from Pentax Q and Sigma SD1 & more)
September 2: Hands-on & Previews (Fuji X10, Pentax Q, Samsung NX200)
September 2: Reviews (A35, GF3, *istD, superzooms, video action)
September 2: Also (new JVC hybrid, new GEs, new Toshiba Flip-stick, Kodak celebration, SD15, etc)
September 1: Apple re-offers previous Final Cut Studio version for sale again
September 1: Pentax France teasing new camera at/by October 6
September 1: More Sony New World Order action at IFA 2011 (A77, NEX-7, -5N)
September 1: Olympus reveals new 1.7x teleconverter for the XZ-1
September 1: New Samsung NX200 is officially revealed (new 20mp mirrorless)
September 1: New Samsung WB750 & WB690 superzooms and MV800 w/flippable LCD


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