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September 04, 2011

dpreview launches Articles section with lots of new content

If you are interested in glorious learnings of photography from internet, and you are tired of the seven-paragraph formulaic "tutorials" at the various free online photography schools or the master-of-the-obvious photo tips from the various self-appointed photography gurus, dpreview may be coming to the rescue with the launch of their new Articles section. This features a variety of contributions from both dpreview staffers and contributors that are not dpreview staff members, including Uwe Steinmueller of Digital Outback Photo.

Some of the articles of potential interest include a two-page ISO discussion by R.Butler, a 4-part HDR series by Uwe S., a lens buying guide by Westlake, an overview of the studio comparison widget, an introduction to HD video for photographers, etc.

But it's not a bed roses. Already there are complaints in some dpreview article comments of watered-down not-very-helpful articles (eg tripods, waterproofness). Dpreview has set the bar pretty high on what people expect to see published under the dpreview banner, so the more fluffy blogosphere/magazine type of articles are not sitting well with the some dpreview regulars.

Motivational lesson learned: Set the bar pretty low, so when you have a sentence without a tipo, it is considered a success!

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