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September 07, 2011

Canon+Nikon lose 35% market share in Japan to mirrorless (Nikon mirrorless coming?)

A new article at Bloomberg citing data from BCN Inc says that the Canon + Nikon duopoly has lost 35% market share in interchangeable lens cameras to the mirrorless cameras. The article does not mention the time periods of comparison (via Peta Pixel)

Granted, the Japanese market is rather unique, so what's hot in Japan will not necessary become popular in Europe or the Americas. However, this is a breakthrough for the mirrorless bandwagon. Many have tried in the past to give the Canon+Nikon duopoly a digital scare, but did not succeed up until now.

From previously posted market reports, mirrorless appear to be popular at the tech-hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore. Those hubs could be the mirrorless gateways to other Asian markets. And there are two billion-people markets in Asia that are growing fast. So there is definitely potential.

In the middle of the Bloomberg article, a Nikon Tokyo spokesperson is quoted saying this: "Nikon has completed development of a next-generation camera and is considering when it will reveal the product". "Completed development" being the operative word!

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