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September 27, 2011

Canon sends invites for EOS and Pixma event on October 26

Time for Future Talk Radio! Canon has been sending invites for an October 26 event. The invite includes the logos of both Pixma (printers) and EOS (SLR system). See the invites at Canon Rumors, Galbraith, and Photography Bay.

On the printer front, CanonRumors rumorizes with a high level of certainty that there will be a new printer announced at that time, the "Pixma Pro 1".

October 26 coincides with the PDN Photo Plus trade show which takes place in the Big Apple, October 27-29, 2011. With PMA/CliQ playing calendar whack-a-mole, the importance of the PDN trade show is likely increasing.

On the 5D Mark II replacement front, CanonRumors writes that the November 3rd "historic" event will not likely be the 5D Mark II replacement.

On the R&D future front, Photography Bay has done some patent research and discovered a patent that shows aperture rings on Canon EF lenses. Diagrams are included and the bottom of the post includes a link to the PDF file for your research-valuation.

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