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September 08, 2011

Also (new Sony CineAlta F65, Adobe Carousel cloud, printers, software, etc)

Time to recap some of the latest newsbytes, which include a new high-end Sony digital video camera, an Apple-flirting not-free cloud-based photo storage and sharing service by Adobe, new Kodak and Epson printers, new software, and mo(i)re!

Digital Video Wars
+ new Sony CineAlta F65 8K video camera - via EOS HD, ISW, Cinescopophilia, et al
+ RED Chief reveals roadmap which includes two unrevealed surprises at the end (via Cinescopophilia)

+ IFA 2011 recap with booth pictures at Megapixel in association with
+ two new views of the Panasonic 3D stills twin-lens folded-optics prototype at Pop Photo/Pop Sci
+ new limited edition "Leicasonic" (TZ-series) - via Petapixel
+ Adobe launches for-pay (not free!) cloud-based photo storage service, with the Apple world getting it first, others next year - via CNet, Petapixel, PiXiQ, PDN, etc
+ more film discontinued by Fuji - via ephotozine
+ David DuChumin launches Craft & Vision Community educational website ($89/year)
+ Alamy gives students 100% of fees - via

New Kodak and Epson Printers
+ new Kodak do-it-all printers embrace Google's Cloud print - via Engadget et al with hands-on at ePrinterZine
+ new Epson NX430 printer - via CNet Asia, dpreview et al

+ new DXO FilmPack 3 - via ePhotoZine, reviewed already at Imaging Resource
+ new Nik Color Efex Pro 4 - via Photography Blog, Galbraith, et al
+ new Corel Paintshop Pro X4 - via ePhotozine, IR, etc (full version available as a digital download for $80 by Corel itself [upgrade: $60])

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