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September 13, 2011

Also (firmware, new 24-inch Wacom tablet, #togs comedy web tv series, etc)

Time for round-up some of the latest newsbytes and newsbits, in the usual lightning round format:

+ Fuji brings back the Instax instant cameras - via BJP, Photography Blog - partially thanks to Lady Gaga's Polaroid revival perhaps?

+ new photographer-themed comedy (web series - video) starting September 27 (via PetaPixel)

+ why not turn the screen into a graphing tablet? the new 24-inch Wacom Cintiq 24HD - via PDN, Photography Blog, et al

+ Luminous Landscapes visited the Leica factory in Germany and includes some Q&A with Leica staff on some pending Leica products and issues [how come no one wants to visit the Leicasonic factory where they make the prestigious V-Lux and C-Lux models?]

+ two new ALEXA models shown at IBC - via Cinescopophilia

+ JVC shows 4K concept camera at IBC - via Cinema 5D

+ Pentax Q user manual available for PDF reading - via PentaxForums

+ firmware 1.2 for the Olympus E-5 - via dpreview et al

+ Panasonic M43rds lenses get video-related firmware updates - via Four Thirds User, ephotozine, et al

+ Panasonic LX5 firmware version 2 via Photography Blog et al

+ ACLU publishes photographers' rights article (via Peta Pixel)

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