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August 07, 2011

Weekly Rewind (Ricoh GXR M-mount official, etc)

Time sure does fly these days. It feels like it was only yesterday we posted a weekly rewind, yet it is time for another one!

+ now officially official: Ricoh GXR sensor+mount module for Leica M-series lenses
+ round-up of other news (Leica acks M9 card issues, $60 Vivitar waterproof camcorder stick, 1.1um sensor, Android Canon-DSLR controlling app, etc)
+ another news round-up (Leica M9 to M9p upgrade offer, Kodak does not want to be taken over, Noktor 50/0.95 for M-mount, etc)
+ Pioneer hopes to sell half a million (not billion!) Pioneer-branded digital cameras in China by 2015 as it signs a deal with Asia Optical
+ latest rumors including rumored specs on A77, A65, NEX-7, NEX-5N, 1DMk5, speculation on Nikon new DSLRs and mirrorless system, etc
+ latest reviews including Sony A35 DxoMark'ing and Hogan "Review Week"
+ poll fun: which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea? and vote to ...raise the Megapixel Ceiling?
+ fun times: best of the worst of self-appointed professional photography
+ to go further back in time, check The Archives

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