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August 23, 2011

Six more new Coolpixies: S1200pj projector, two compact-zooms, OLED P&S, two shiny-silvers

Nikon has also given birth to four six more new Coolpix camera models, their third camera with a built-in projector, the Coolpix S1200pj, two compact-zooms in the Coolpix S8200, S6200, the OLED-bearing Coolpix S100 and two shiny-silvers with 7x and 5x optical zoom lenses.

In yet another display of the superzoom-because-cellphones-cant-do-that trend, the Coolpix S8200 features a 14X optical-zoom lens while the S6200 features a 10x optical zoom lens. As you may recall, Nikon previously announced the S9100, so it appears they plan on having a busy superzoom line-up (when you add to those the P500/P100/etc and L120/L110/etc).

Perhaps the most interesting point of the Coolpix S100 is its 3.5" OLED touch-screen display (820K dots). It has CMOS, 5X, 1080p and starting price of $300. Needless to say, this is going to be the "party camera" that Kutcher et al will be promoting on the television commercials in the coming weeks ;-)

But wait, we are not done yet! Europe is getting two shiny silver P&S Coolpix models, the S6120 and S4150! These have 7x and 5x optical zoom lenses - again, a "defensive buffer" to make these more appealing compared to "just using the cellphone".

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