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August 02, 2011

Shark Week - so, which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea?

It is Shark Week at the Discovery Channel, so that got me thinking (me thinking is usually not a good thing, but that's another story). What about DSLRs? Which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea? Please free to elaborate in the comments and/or vote in the polls below...

To give you an example of what I mean by a "DSLR Shark": A shark is a vicious predator that shreds the competition. Shark candidate? Nikon D3s! Not A Shark: Canon 1D Mark III - the shark's eyes had trouble focusing on its pray ;-)

A "dolphin DSLR" is a solid camera that plays well with others and adds value to the market but does not shred the competition to pieces.

A "sardine DSLR" is a more-of-the-same DSLR that does not add value to the overall market and it is a yawner.

(If you are reading this in an RSS reader or have Javascript turned off, you won't see the table of voting widgets below... Yes, the Leica M9 is a RF, not a DSLR)

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