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August 18, 2011

Opinions round-up (24mp, JPEG v RAW, and lots more)

The time has come for another opinion round-up! As usual, please note that reasonable minds can differ, and the opinions featured here are those of their authors at the time of the authoring under the circumstances of their authoring and within the context of the circumstances that led to the authoring of the opinions. If you like these, check the archives for lots more!

Gear and Software
+ the truth about 24 megapixels by Photo Club Alpha
+ why do I keep coming back to Olympus cameras asks/answers Kirk Tuck
+ what does your camera need you for? at ShutterFinger
+ four tripod ideas when you don't have a tripod by Richard Wong
+ full-frame or 5K (video) at EOS-HD

Software and Processing
+ can photos taken as JPEG be as good as RAW asks Photocritic @ PixiQ
+ top ten free online photo editors according to ephotozine
+ the fallacy of pixel-peeping at EOS HD
+ ten ways to avoid bad HDR at Luminescent Photo

Digital Existence
+ eight ways to name an online photograph at PetaPixel
+ Why Google+ is better than Facebook for photographers at Thomas Hawk

+ photography is the 3rd language, use it to say something at Black Star Rising
+ the Arts are under attack in Texas at Visual Science Lab
+ on photography and weight loss at ThePhoBlographer

+ the rules for new paid photographers at Photopreneur
+ David Noton's "How to go Pro" at Photography Blog
+ 20 myths about becoming a pro photographer at Improve Photography
+ talking budget avec your clients at Photo Shelter
+ change patent laws says Blog Maverick Cuban
+ hour-long video on negotiating with clients via PhotoShelter

Blast from the Past
+ three hours of video footage from an April 2010 SF MOMA summit on "Is Photography Over?" at I Heart Photograph (via Chase Jarvis)

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