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August 2011 (144 posts)

August 31: Fuji X10 is officially announced with a 16-min hands-on video
August 31: New Fuji Z950-EXR compact folded-optics camera (and new V3 3D viewer)
August 31: Interview: Panasonic on X lenses (why no Leica; more coming)
August 31: Under development: Panasonic twin-lens 3D digital camera
August 31: Panasonic reveals twin-lens 2D/3D camcorder (HDC-Z1000) with 10-12x optical zoom ($3500)
August 31: Display wars: Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi partially join LCD forces
August 30: Hands-on with the Samsung NX200 ...mock-up (+ actual shutter sound?)
August 30: Even more Sony action (samples, previews, opinions, analysis)
August 30: Reviews & Comparisons & Samples (mirrorless & superzooms only!)
August 30: More Fuji X10 (X-Ten) pictures and specs leak (also: X100 sold-out)
August 30: Ouch alert! Sigma SD1 high-ISO test-samples (compare to Nikon D7000)
August 30: Also (Panasonic & Ricoh firmware, Joby has new parents, Photovine bye)
August 29: More Samsung NX200 beta-tester samples from Korea (updated)
August 29: More Sony action (ISO talk, interview, first looks, and a request)
August 29: Reviews (A35, mirrorless party, Yongnuo, R2000, etc)
August 29: Sample Pictures (FZ150, Ricoh GXR M-mount, Pentax Q, E-PL3, NEX-C3, etc)
August 29: Monday Shopping Quarterback (ENDED: Panasonic ZS10/TZ20 for $250)
August 27: Weekly Rewind (Sony Big Bang, Panasonic X lenses, Nikon Coolpixies, etc)
August 27: More Sony samples and previews (Sony A77, A65, NEX-7, 5N)
August 27: Rumors: Samsung NX200 will have 20+ megapixels
August 27: Chinese competitor to RED shown, the Kinefinitiy KineRAW S35
August 26: Panasonic Japan shows 12-35mm and 35-100mm "large aperture" (M43rds) lenses
August 26: Opinions on the new Sony A77, NEX-7/-5N in the photo-blogo-sphere
August 26: Shock! Pentax posts full-size Q samples (K-to-Q adapter coming)
August 26: Samsung leak-confirms NX200 coming at IFA 2011
August 26: Get to the lens reviews quickly:
August 26: (DEAD) Fuji X100 in-stock for $1200 now!
August 25: Recap: New gear from Sony, Panasonic, Nikon (+ leaks/future-talk)
August 25: Panasonic reveals two new M43rds PowerZoom X lenses (14-42, 45-175)
August 25: Panasonic launches new FZ150 flagship superzoom
August 25: More Panasonic: new FX90 Wi-Fi camera, new LX5 firmware, Club photo-sharing
August 25: More samples and previews: Sony A77, A65, NEX-7, -5N, and lenses
August 25: R&D: JPEGmini promises up to 5x JPEG file size reduction
August 25: Fuji X50 leaked catalog picture surfaces online!
August 25: Also (E-PM1 kit priced, LR 3.5 candidate, PhotoVine unleashed, etc)
August 25: Sony works on full-frame camera (also: three new NEX lenses in 2012)
August 25: New Nikon Coolpix P7100 samples, hands-on and underwater housing
August 24: More action with the new Sony A77, A65, NEX-7, -5N, VG20, lenses
August 24: Reviews (SD1, D5100, E-P3, M9, IQ180, superzooms, etc)
August 23: Big Announcement Day: Sony, Nikon, Canon plus more leaks
August 23: Sony Alpha A77
August 23: Sony NEX-7
August 23: New Sony LA-EA2 mount adaptor (A-lenses on E-bodies)
August 23: Three new Sony NEX lenses: 24/1.8 ZA, 50/1.8 OSS, 55-210 OSS
August 23: New Sony Alpha 16-50mm f2.8 DT SSM lens
August 23: Sony NEX-5N mirrorless camera
August 23: Sony Alpha A65
August 23: New Sony NEX-VG20
August 23: New Nikon Coolpix P7100
August 23: Six more new Coolpixies: S1200pj projector, two compact-zooms, OLED P&S, two shiny-silvers
August 23: Nikon splashes into waterproof scene with new Coolpix AW100
August 23: Camera Executives round-table with Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus at TWICE
August 23: Picture-leaked: Panasonic 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 X OIS (M43rds) compact powerzoom lens
August 23: Interview reveals Pentax worked on Q system for five years
August 23: Fuji X10 picture leaked in Japan?
August 23: Potential issue with Twitter's new galleries?
August 23: Also new from Canon: HF-DC2 Powershot Flash and lots of new printers
August 23: New Canon Elph 510 HS grows to 12X zoom (310 HS with 8X)
August 23: New Canon SX150 AA-powered superzoom
August 22: Reviews (Sony NEX-C3, E-PL3, Fuji X100, etc)
August 22: Sony NEX-C3 Judgment Day at dpreview
August 22: Canon rumors: Powershots tonight, 1Ds Mk4 aquatic case shows up
August 22: Twitter creates aggregate virtual gallery of one's shared photos
August 22: Fuji X50 (2/3", f2, 4X) camera leaked by product catalog?
August 22: Nikon's user manual policy gets yelled at Gizmodo-style
August 21: Sony A77 product pictures leak on .de internets
August 21: Weekly Rewind (Kodak patents, Lite Panel power play, rumors and leaks)
August 20: More leakages: Canon Powershots and Sony NEX-5N w/EVF pic
August 20: Camera fanfic to the next level: user-created physical mockup of "Samsung NX200"
August 20: Could this happen if a major camera manufacturer ejected from the market?
August 20: (mostly DEAD) Weekend Shopper (LR3, GH2, photo papers, open-box, etc)
August 20: Sony NEX-7 product pictures and main specs leakage
August 19: Reviews (A35, GF3, NEX-C3 or E-P3, SLR Magic hands-ons, etc)
August 19: (SOLD OUT) Discount alert: Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 down to $1250
August 18: Opinions round-up (24mp, JPEG v RAW, and lots more)
August 18: Interview with "light field" Lytro founder-CEO at dpreview
August 18: Reviews (DP2x, T3i/600D, HX9v, E-P3 test)
August 18: Rumor: Panasonic to create high-end M43rds *LENS* line (the X!) [*title corrected*]
August 17: Reviews (mirrorless 4-way group-test, X100, E-P3, etc)
August 17: Kodak becomes a patent Helen of Troy (updated)
August 17: Olympus E-P3 Judgement Day at dpreview
August 17: New Blog features in the works...
August 17: (ENDED) Best of Groupon: pay $15 get $50 at Mixbook (pay $25 get $75 at Picaboo)
August 17: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Fuji X100 for $1200 (updated)
August 16: Reviews (waterproof group test, A35, E-P3, GF3, etc)
August 16: Canon rumor round-up: 1Ds Mark IV, video bragging
August 16: is shutting down
August 16: Allegedly: Sony NEX-7 and Zeiss 24/1.4 hands-on report in Taiwan
August 16: Summer of Reruns: Reference posts you may have missed
August 15: Lighting Wars: Lite Panels wants to control imports of LED lights in US?
August 15: Reviews (T3i, E-P3, NEX-5, X100, Sony superzooms)
August 15: RSS feed update: Switching from Full-Text to Alerts-Only next Monday (Aug-22)
August 14: Weekly Rewind (F600EXR, Samyang 24/1.4, A77 and NEX lens leaks, etc)
August 13: Pictures of three new Sony NEX lenses leak online [updated]
August 13: Mirrorless steady at 30% of interchangeables in Japan in H1:2011
August 13: Hot topic: "Flickr is dead" says Thomas Hawk
August 12: New Samyang 24mm f1.4 lens coming in six lens mounts
August 12: Book alert: Mastering the Nikon D7000 in-stock for $19.22
August 12: 30-second commercial of alleged Sony A77 on The YouTube
August 12: (DEAD) Nikon D7000 body drops to $1150
August 11: Reviews (GF3, E-P3, K-5, P300, superzooms, etc)
August 11: New Casio EX-ZS100 compact-zoom (12.5x)
August 11: Panasonic GF3 Judgment Day at dpreview
August 11: Picture #33000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
August 10: New Fuji F600-EXR rawzoomer (also: new JX420 & JX370 P&S) [updated]
August 10: (SOLD OUT) In-stock now: Fuji X100 for $1200
August 10: Commercial shoot of a yet-to-be-released Sony NEX in China
August 10: Sony A77 nominated for award in Japan (yet it does not exist)
August 10: (ENDED) Groupon specials: Lulu, Mixbooks, Photobook America
August 10: Error or Name-Leak? Canon 6D found in Canon Australia url
August 10: Reviews (GF2, E-P3, DP2x, XZ-1, more superzooms)
August 9: Now live: upload pictures directly on Twitter (powered by Photobucket)
August 9: Apple's iOS 5 will make it easier for photo-app development
August 9: R&D: software to detect fake/spammy customer reviews
August 8: Meta-geekery: top browsers among our readers (first 7 months of 2011)
August 8: Trend-spotting: Top 5 cameras on "Froogle" (Google Product Search)
August 8: Canon discounts on lenses and flashes (aka instant rebates)
August 7: Reviews (LX5, EX1, GXR M, D5100 vs T3i, new superzooms site, etc)
August 7: Weekly Rewind (Ricoh GXR M-mount official, etc)
August 7: (SOLD OUT) Deal alert: Samsung EX1/TL500 for $230 w/free S&H
August 6: Also ($60 Vivitar waterproof stick, Leica ACKs M9 issue, Q shutter, etc)
August 6: Rumored specs lists: Canon 1D Mk V, Sony A77, A65, NEX-7, -5N
August 6: Laforet beta-testing Canon lenses mounted on the RED EPIC
August 5: Price Drop alert: Panasonic LX5 black down to $350 (white gone)
August 5: Ricoh GXR mount for Leica M-lenses product announcement is out!
August 4: Open-box Panasonic GH2 specials: w/14-140 for $1200 (gone: w/14-42 for $800)
August 4: Reviews (X100, GF3, lots of superzooms, etc)
August 4: Sony A35 sensor tested by DxoMark - how does it compare to 16mp "magic" APS-C?
August 4: Value meal: Buy Canon D-Rebel kit, get both 55-250/75-300 for $76 more
August 4: Nom, nom, nom, that's the sound of the Leica M9 eating memory cards
August 4: Pioneer to sell Pioneer-branded digital cameras in China
August 3: Fun times: Best of the Worst (of what is presented as professional photography)
August 3: New Hogan rumors on Nikon mirrorless launch
August 3: (DEAD) Daily deals: K-r w/18-55 & 55-300: $660 (ended: Canon 50mm f1.8 II for $112)
August 2: Blog update: new minimalist front page
August 2: Reviews (it rains M43rds reviews, M9p, P300, etc, etc)
August 2: Leaked? List of upcoming Sony products (for August-24-2011)
August 2: Shark Week - so, which DSLRs are the Sharks of the DSLR Sea?
August 2: Also (Leica $upgrade$ M9 to M9p, Noktor hearts M, Kodak no-want takeover, Kenko NDX VND filter, etc)
August 1: Reviews (X100, E-P3, A35, NEX-C3, T3, M9p, DP2x, XZ1, waterproof group test, etc)
August 1: New CIPA data: June better than May in almost every category
August 1: Hogan predicts Nikon D3s and D700 replacements in late August
August 1: Vote to raise the Megapixel Ceiling? (Poll)
August 1: Pioneer/Asia Optical to start building cameras in Brazil (not Japan) [corrected]


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