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August 22, 2011

Fuji X50 (2/3", f2, 4X) camera leaked by product catalog?

Gizmodo writes that the new monthly Promaster product catalog includes information about a yet-to-be-announced Fuji X50 digital camera. The rumored-leaked catalog specs mention a 12mp 2/3" CMOS sensor, 4X f2 zoom lens, OVF, RAW, 1080p and a reasonable starting price of $600.

This would be an interesting addition to the market that has at the moment settled for the most part with 1/1.x" CCD sensors. Sensor-wise it would sit between these and the Sigma DP-series which has seen five cameras so far. From there we go to the Fuji X100 and the Leica X1. For people buying a price-range as opposed to a spec-sheet, this would also be competing with the parade of price-dropping and multiplying mirrorless cameras.

One potential advantage for Fuji might be that perhaps thanks to the popularity of the Fuji X100 (stock status, ship-to-store in 5-7 days at Best Buy), Fuji may have managed to establish itself in the eyes of some photographers as the "Leica for the rest of us"?

As you may recall recalling, in the past, Fuji's top tier fixed lens S100fs superzoom camera used a 2/3" sensor, before Fuji switched to 1/1.x" and then to 1/2.3". The last time the overall market used 2/3" sensors en masse was back in the days of the 8mp 2/3" sensor with the likes of the Canon Pro1, Nikon 8400/8700/8000, Olympus C8080, Sony F828, Samsung Pro 815, Minolta A2/A200 back in 2004-2005. Those were the days when a new camera announcement was an actual event!

For a memory refresher on this category, check the list of compacts-with-RAW from 2002-2010.

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