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August 06, 2011

Also ($60 Vivitar waterproof stick, Leica ACKs M9 issue, Q shutter, etc)

Time to round-up some of the latest news in a new edition of "Newsbytes" also known as "Also" which is actually short for "Also as it pertains to that, also" ;-)

+ Leica acknowledges M9's memory card binging habit and offers some workarounds at L-Camera-Forum (via Foto Actualidad)

+ new $60 waterproof camcorder stick with the Vivitar name on it - via EnGadgGet

+ Omnivision reveals new 1.1um pixel sensor - via Image Sensors World

+ new Android DSLR Controller app for Canon DSLRs - more via Peta Pixel

+ listen to the sound of the Pentax Q shutter at Focus Numerique (towards the bottom, .WAV file)

+ Pentax USA moves headquarters to downtown Denver, Colorada (are they using Ricoh copiers in their new offices?) - via Pentax DSLRs blog

+ issue #42 of the free online photography magazine PhotographyBB is now out

+ Germany thinks automated face recognition in Facebook photos violates EU privacy laws - via Pop Photo

+ Tech-blog, Hipster and Bieber-Nation darling Instagram reaches 150 million uploads - via Engadget

+ six billion pictures uploaded to flickr, via P-Blog, AP UK, et al... Milestone picture taken with the Panasonic LX3... A very tiny percentage of the 6 billion pictures are in your/our Readers Flickr Pool

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