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July 26, 2011

Windows Explorer embraces RAW files with new update (W7, Vista)

If you are a fan of RAW files and Windows Explorer, there are some good news from ZuneVille! Microsoft has a new (free) software update for Windows 7 and Vista that lets you see view RAW files directly from Windows Explorer! The complete list of 120 digital cameras (DSLRs, mirrorless, RFs, fixed lens) supported can be found at WinRumors. More on this and links to the downloadable software at Silicon Filter and Microsoft's own blog (via Techmeme)

I went through the list of model names, no new model names were leaked :) This update is not a bed of roses however, a number of recent camera models are not included. Also noticeable by their absence are cameras from Fuji, Samsung, Ricoh, Casio, Kodak and Sigma.

I can't recall the RAW compatibility lists of 200+ cameras off the top of my head, but does this look like DNG is not supported? Adobe has a list of DNG compatible cameras. It looks like the Leica M9 and M8 are the only DNG-exclusive cameras on the Microsoft list?

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