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July 30, 2011

Weekend Shopper (FREE Canon Pro 9000 after mail-in rebate if bought together with select Canon DSLRs, etc)

Time for a new and jam-packed edition of the Weekend Shopper! This blog-post is a summary of the latest specials. For a stream of specials as they happen, be sure to visit and bookmark and share the Camera Deals blog. Prices and availability cannot be updated automatically in the blog-post-text, so be sure to check the retailers websites for the most up-to-date information...

NIKON INSTANT REBATES extended until Sept-3-2011
+ Nikon Instant Rebates have been renewed! It is the same DSLRs (D3000 to D7000) and same six lenses, however, the coupon codes have changed! This round expires September-3-2011 Nikon Instant Rebates (D7000 to D3000) - ends Saturday night (7/30/11)

CANON D-REBEL INSTANT REBATES extended until Sept-3-2011
+ Canon Digital Rebel Instant Rebates (T3i, T2i, T3) extended until September-3-2011

CANON PRO 9500 MARK II printer for $65 (after AMEX gift card mail-in rebate) when you buy it TOGETHER with qualifying Canon DSLR kits
+ Special Promotion at Abe's of Maine - buy the Canon Pro 9500 Mark II printer with a qualifying Canon DSLR kit (7D, 60D, T3i, T2i, T3) for $65 post-rebate price after a $500 mail-in rebate in the form of an American Express gift card when you use coupon code LOYALTY15 (this is thanks to a temporary price drop in the price of the printer ($600) and a $20 automatic instant discount, and the aforementioned coupon). The mail-in rebate promotion ends 9/30/11 but the Abe's of Maine printer price is a limited time offer than can change at any time (market-driven price)
+ recap: you pay $565 for the printer plus the current price for the qualifying Canon DSLR kit. You receive your printer and DSLR, set them up, check them out, make sure they are all good, then you follow the PDF rebate instructions and submit the rebates. After a few weeks, you will receive a $500 American Express gift card

FREE CANON PRO 9000 MARK II printer (after AMEX gift card mail-in rebate) when you buy it TOGETHER with qualifying Canon DSLR kits
+ stackable with the D-Rebel instant rebates above!
+ FREE CANON PRO 9000 MARK II printer (after AMEX gift card mail-in rebate) when you purchase it together with select Canon DSLR kits (7D, 60D, T3i, T2i, T3) - promotion ends 9/30/11
+ if buying at Abe's of Maine be sure to use coupon code LOYALTY15 ($15 off $400+)

+ Tamron 18-270mm Di-II VC (Nikon) for $445 after instant savings and coupon LOYALTY15
+ Sigma 50mm f1.4 for $459 after instant savings and coupon LOYALTY15 in the Canon mount and the Pentax K-mount

COMPACTS with RAW almonds
+ ended Samsung EX1/TL500 for $299 at OneCall
+ open-box Panasonic LX3 black (LX3K) for $250 + S&H at Samy's Camera

100pks of HP 4x6 photo-paper for 50c to $1
+ 100pk for 50c after online rebate at Staples brick and mortar stores (limit 2)
+ 100pk for $1 without rebates at Office Max brick and mortar stores (limit 2)
+ good from Sunday July 31 until Sat August 6, 2011 at brick and mortar
+ specials may be different by region/zipcode, so check your local stores

Online Printing Services
+ Groupon specials include $15 for $50 at Mixbook, $25 for $75 at Picaboo, $25 for $60 at Pinhole Press, $40 for $100 at ScanDigital, 16x20 gallery-wrapped canvas prints for $39 each, customized medium Fathead for $40, and more! (expiration dates vary by offer)

New Eneloop XX high-capacity (2500mah) now shipping
+ 4-pack of Eneloop XX AA LSD (2500mah) shipping for around $25

+ you can now order the Apple iPad2 online at Best Buy's website
+ 16GB HP Touchpad for $420, or 32GB for $520 with coupon SAVEHP30 at the HP Home & Home Office store

FUN: GEEKY t-shirts delivered for $8 each
+ grand-opening special of geeky/nerdy/techie t-shirt site Every t-shirt is $6 plus $2 S&H per t-shirt until 8/5/11. See also their geeky t-shirts, a subset of which you can see in the collage below...


+ expired: 25% off 400+ digital cameras for Kindle with Special Offers owners - must request offer from an activated Kindle with Special Offers device by 11:59pm pacific on Sunday 7/31/11
+ ended: + 32GB ASUS Transformer for $430 by MacMall on eBay

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