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July 05, 2011

Rumors: Picasa, Blogger changing names

It looks like Google is in it for real this time! Rumors at Mashable say that Google is planning to rename Picasa to "Google Photos" and the popular Blogspot/Blogger blogging service to "Google Blogs". Please note this is only a rebranding, the services are not going away! (via PMA NL)

As a photographer (working, aspiring or enthusiast/hobbyist), Google's social media power play is something to watch, especially if Google manages to strike social media gold with these moves. At the same time, these days things have become an exercise in communications overload. I am sure you don't need me telling you what a pain it is as a business to maintain Twitters and Facebooks and Tumblrs and YouTubes and LinkedIns and Vimeos and Friendfeeds and ...

PS: Business idea for entrepreneurs: no one yet has created a social network for enemies! The social media so far focuses on friends and family. Strike gold with a new "Enemies Only" social network ;-)

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