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July 20, 2011

Opinions round-up (gear, computers, business, Google+, etc, etc, etc)

Time for a new opinion round-up. As usual, be sure to note that reasonable minds can differ, but you are always right! And let's not forget that in a world with infinite parallel universes everyone is right at least once ;-) Fill up the coffee machine, put the kettle on, this is another jam-packed round-up!

+ Are the days of SLR cameras numbered? at dpnow
+ Why compact system cameras will rule the world at Digital Camera Info
+ The Retro Virus at Photographic Central
+ The Liberated Camera (Part #1, Part #2 by John Kennerdell at TOP
+ Camera Reviewers don't see what I see at BlackStar Rising
+ The evolution of system camera kit zoom lenses at Serious Compacts
+ Digital "Rangefinders" are here to stay at Pop Photo
+ Why I like the Canon 60D by Kirk Tuck
+ Why I'm done with Canon's flagship flash at Photography Ramblings
+ Privacy issue? Serial numbers in EXIF data at Peta Pixel
+ flickr's favourite camera and how it really doesn't matter at Small Aperture

Imaging Software and Computers
+ RAM vs CPU in Lightroom by Foto-Biz
+ On the Final Cut Pro X fiasco by Thomas Fitzgerald
+ Forget HDR, it's about tonality at EOS-HD
+ Why a multi-core computer for a photographer (picture) at Nothing Special

Creativity, Inspiration, and Technique
+ I don't want to spoil it (meta comment; read article) by Kirk Tuck
+ Subject-priority shooting (paraphrased) by Kirk Tuck
+ Why RAW by Photocritic at PixiQ
+ Tips for JPEG shooters at Shutterfinger
+ Get used to hearing no by Chase Jarvis
+ Why I did not bring a camera to the most important event in my life at DIY Photography
+ "How many hours until I can shoot like a pro?" by Thom Hogan (July 19, 2011)
+ on using "award winning photographer" at DuckRabbit

Social Media and Websites
+ Podcast #58: pros and cons of hosting your own photoblog at PhotoNetCast
+ Why you shouldn't build your site with Flash at ThePhoBlographer
+ Google+ is great for photographers at Stuck in Customs
+ Podcast #162 on Google+ and #togs by New Media Photographer
+ 7 Signs you have outgrown flickr at I Shoot Shows
+ Example of bad email marketing by Scott Wyden

Business - general
+ Stop using freelancers! at Photo Business Forum
+ Professionalism trumps talent every time at Black Star Rising
+ Changing or broken systems? at Lighting Essentials

Business - personal
+ How to make money as a freelancer at Pixiq
+ How much to charge (what is your day rate?) at Wide Open Camera
+ 4 questions to ask before donating to a charity photo auction at PDN online
+ Using Google Image Search to track down abuse at PhotoWalk Pro
+ My photo is used without permission - what to do? by Carolyn E. Wright, Esq. at Pop Photo
+ Being a starving artist is highly overrated at Black Star Rising
+ Why photographers shouldn't shy away from the telephone at Photo Shelter

+ In defense of the photographer's vest at Black Star Rising

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