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July 26, 2011

New quietly launched Casio QV-R100 P&S camera

The parade of quietly launched new digital cameras continues with a new basic P&S model from Casio, the QV-R100 notes Let's Go Digital. The camera is listed in all its glory at the Casio International website. You can probably guess the specs, but here we go: 14mp 1/2.3", 4x optical zoom (27-108 eq), 2.7" (230K) display, VGA video, etc.

UPDATE (7/26/11): @aafuss has spotted the PDF user manual where it says this camera has shutter and aperture priority and manual modes.

Now for all you digitally-grizzled veterans, if the name QV-R100 sounds familiar, it is because it is very similar to a naming scheme Casio used in the past. There was even a QV-100 camera many moons ago.

This is one more camera launched in 2011, getting us a step closer to 150. July is turning out to be the month of quiet releases, bastard children the royal camera families are trying to hide on the internets ;-)

And this brings up a little bit of a disturbing trend. If a manufacturer can't even be bothered to write a press release for a new camera, is that camera really needed in the market? With 500+ new cameras since CES 2009, and a maddening array of nearly-identical P&S models that get replaced every six months, what exactly are the camera manufacturers trying to do?

I do not want to bring up the B-word, but may be we are in the middle of a digital camera B-word! The launches of multiple new and incompatible lens mounts is definitely helping make the case (B-word = b-u-b-b-l-e).

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