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July 20, 2011

New Panasonic FZ47/FZ48 superzoom is revealed

It is July and as expected, it is time for another brand new Panasonic FZ-series superzoom! The new dual-identity FZ47 aka FZ48 follows up on the FZ40! Panasonic continues with a 1/2.3" CCD sensor (12mp this time), so no 10fps at full-resolution that backlit CMOS shooters have spoiled us with. Nevertheless, this one has some speed at 3.7fps at full resolution and 10fps at 3mp. The superzoom part is "earned" by its 24x optical zoom lens with MegaOIS (25-600mm eq).

Price-wise it will start at $400 in the US, and 400 euro in continental Europe.

Read all about it
+ dpnow
+ Imaging Resource
+ dpreview
+ dc resource
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ Photoscala
+ Panasonic Japan (monthly production output a mere 3500 units/month)

QUESTION: The unanswered question now is what about a FZ100 replacement? The FZ100 and FZ40 were announced together, exactly one year ago on July 21, 2010 as you can see at the Cameras of 2010 page. The FZ40 got a replacement model, but not the FZ100...

SPECULATION: The Samsung interview revealed that Sanyo is behind the superzoom lenses in fixed lens cameras and mentioned we are heading towards 40x zoom ratios. Perhaps Panasonic is waiting for new superzoom lens technology to be finished before announcing a FZ100 replacement? Since they own Sanyo, they may pull rank and be the first to get new superzoom designs? On the other hand, they may not want to risk losing B2B superzoom customers for Sanyo, since just about every manufacturer has superzoom cameras these days. (we obviously do not know if Sanyo does all or most or many or some of the superzooms - this is based on what the Samsung guy said during the interview)

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