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July 26, 2011

New Olympus SP-810uz (36x superzoom) and SZ-11 (20x compactzoom) [updated]

The stealth announcement party continues with Olympus revealing the new SP-810UZ superzoom in select European markets at the moment. The new lovely has a 36x optical zoom starting at 24mm eq. Details so far at (computer translated) and DSLR Magazine (computer translated) and Quesabesde. So, so far, we have Spain and Poland.

UPDATE: It looks like the SP-810uz is going to be available in Europe, see more announcements at Photoscala and Photography Blog.

UPDATE #2: Now an Olympus USA press release is making the rounds, see it at Imaging Insider and Photoxels which mentions Canadian prices, so maybe it is a case of Olympus press releases and/or embargoes not being in-sync.

New Olympus SZ-11 20x compact-superzoom
But wait, there's more! Olympus is also announcing the SZ-11 compact-super-zoom in Europe, with a 20x zoom lens. Details in the bottom half of the article at Quesabesde (computer translated). Thanks to @aafuss for the alert!

The camera is now officially announced in Japan as well - details at DC Watch Impress and Akihabara News.

As you can see at the Cameras of 2011 page, the previous models to these two new ones were announced in February of 2010 and 2011 - the SP-800uz and the SZ10. [announcement dates corrected! thanks @aafuss for catching it!]

New Olympus VG-145 P&S camera
But wait, there's even more! DC Watch Impress writes that a new VG-145 P&S camera has been announced in Japan, in three trendy colors, and with the usual specs.

English press summaries of all three can be found at DC Views.

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