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July 2011 (122 posts)

July 31: Weekly Rewind (new P&S cameras, Exploder RAW, DCViews farewell, etc)
July 30: Weekend Shopper (FREE Canon Pro 9000 after mail-in rebate if bought together with select Canon DSLRs, etc)
July 30: Reviews (T3i, T3, GF3, E-P3, HX7, etc)
July 29: Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 in-stock for $1500 (w/14-42 black for $1000)
July 29: Viral Fridays (13.5 giganorama, G+ #togs, Nikon-NASA, Canon 60D stimulus plan, etc)
July 29: Buying Advice: DSLR Cougars and Printers
July 28: Interview: Leica UK on upcoming 2012 mirrorless (by Tech Radar)
July 28: Canon 1Ds Mark IV dimensions leaked?
July 28: Reviews (Phase One Live View, M9-P hands-on, Z990, PX, etc)
July 28: Also (Noktor teases full frame prime, DC Views is closing down, etc)
July 28: The Great (Video) Camera Shootout 2011 part #2: Sensors & Sensibility
July 28: New Fuji L-series of entry-level P&S cameras (Fuji L50, L30)
July 28: (EXPIRED) HOT DEAL: 25% off digital cameras for Kindle w/Special Offers owners
July 28: (IGNORE) Ending soon: Nikon Instant Rebates, 25% off cameras (Kindle SO) [Canon extended!]
July 27: Hogan on potential (of) Nikon 2.7x mirrorless
July 27: In-stock alert: Panasonic GH2 at multiple retailers
July 27: Which mount will get cancelled first? (poll)
July 26: New Olympus SP-810uz (36x superzoom) and SZ-11 (20x compactzoom) [updated]
July 26: Olympus VF-3 EVF is now officially announced
July 26: Reviews (D5100, G3, HX100v, HS20, XZ1, etc)
July 26: Windows Explorer embraces RAW files with new update (W7, Vista)
July 26: Samsung NX200 chatter: no built-in EVF? 1st impressions out?
July 26: Also (Magnum crowd-sources, Dell $400 IPS, Canon mouses, Sandisk SSDs, etc)
July 26: New quietly launched Casio QV-R100 P&S camera
July 25: Ten Good Deals (LR3 Student/Teacher $65, etc)
July 25: New quietly released superzoom camera: Panasonic TZ19
July 25: Reviews (GF3, E-P3, TZ19, superzooms)
July 24: New Sony Cybershot WX30 in Europe/Japan and W550 announced in Japan
July 24: Sony Cybershot TX55 is now officially announced
July 24: Rumors: Canon 1Ds and 5D chatter continues
July 24: Trend-spotting: Top 5 on "Froogle" (Google Product Search)
July 24: Sensor sizing: Nikon mirrorless vs Micro Four Thirds
July 24: Settled? The reason why the Sigma SD1 price was set so high
July 23: Where do you Back-up your Pictures? (multiple-answer poll)
July 23: Weekend Shopper (open-box, instant rebates, etc) [ended: LR3 for $120, Dolica]
July 22: dpreview expands forums, adds printer coverage and group-test
July 21: Hasselblad CEO says they are exploring sub-$10,000 market
July 21: Rumor? "In 2012 both Canon and Nikon will be bringing out compact interchangeable-lens still/video cameras with large sensors"
July 21: Reviews (NEX-C3, GF3, G3, NX11, T3/1100D, etc)
July 21: Future deal alert: 25% on select digital cameras with Kindle w/Special Offers
July 21: Manual Focusing tips for the Auto Focus Generation by Zeiss
July 21: Interview with Samsung at Megapixel (NX, superzooms, and more)
July 20: New Panasonic FZ47/FZ48 superzoom is revealed
July 20: New Panasonic LS5 P&S camera
July 20: New Sony TX55 leaked - it has new approach to digital zoom
July 20: New Sony Alpha A77 and A65 prices and pictures leak
July 20: Japan: Canon wins market share [Olympus wins mirrorless] for H1:2011 (BCN data)
July 20: Opinions round-up (gear, computers, business, Google+, etc, etc, etc)
July 19: Compact-superzoom group-test (TZ20, HX9v, SX230, etc) at dpreview
July 19: Sigma SD1 Live View a possibility without hardware mods says Sigma Japan
July 19: Toy camera that actually "gets it" about being a toy camera
July 19: Olympus VF-3 EVF specs at Olympus America
July 19: Quesabesde Mythbusters: Does sensor IQ deteriorate over time?
July 18: Speculation: Thom Hogan on the IQ potential of a 24mp Nikon D400
July 18: Monday Morning Deals (Canon S95 for $379, hot Chase Ultimate Rewards redemptions, etc)
July 18: New Casio EX-ZS15 P&S with touch screen [corrected]
July 18: Rumors: Sony adapter for NEX bodies w/trans. mirror & PD AF? (corrected)
July 17: Sigma SD1 reviewed and compared (645D, M9, A900, A55) at Luminous
July 17: 80% of full-size real-world Pentax Q samples on flickr
July 17: Olympus VF-3 EVF w/flash user-manual-leaked
July 16: Picture #32000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
July 15: New Reviews (A35, GF3, G3, E-P3, X1, HX9, etc)
July 15: Also (Ricoh GXR-M sighting, Zoerk for Pentax 67, Tokina 17-35 delayed, RED)
July 15: Sony service site leaks names of NEX-5N, NEX-VG20 and 55-210mm OSS NEX lens
July 14: Factoid: Canon has a 500+ person USA call center
July 14: Canon Japan launches new Ixy 32S with touch shutter (Ixy = Ixus = Elph)
July 14: The Trouble Repor(t): Nikon Coolpix L23 catches "fever"
July 14: Reviews (D5100, E-P3, TZ20 vs HX100v) & Samples (GF3, 50/1.8G)
July 14: Hogan on the Nikon lens line-up (and DX vs FX vs M43rds)
July 14: New Kodak C1550 and C1505 Easyshare P&S cameras
July 14: New Olympus ad disses camera phones and texting (will it backfire?)
July 14: Picture of alleged Sony NEX-7 rendering (?) makes the internet rounds
July 14: Also (Zeiss invests half a billion, Photovine site goes live, Photofly spotlight)
July 13: Copyright blind-spot: what about pictures taken by animals?
July 13: Pentax launches limited edition red 645D MF camera
July 13: Social media activity: Do you have a Twitter profile with a portfolio/gallery/photo-blog?
July 13: Fuji X100 gets the Imaging Resource review
July 13: DxoMark analyzes the Olympus E-P3
July 12: New Olympus Tough TG-615 waterproof camera in Japan
July 12: New Reviews (Fuji X100, Ricoh GXR, Olympus E-P3, Leica Digilux 2)
July 12: Leica's new adapters enable Leica S2 to take H-V, P67, M645 lenses
July 12: Philip Bloom on making a short film with the RED EPIC
July 12: Detailed hands-on report with the Pentax Q by Q
July 12: (ENDED) Deal alert: Canon T3i w/18-55, 55-250, 50/1.8, extras for $999
July 11: Also (5D Mark III false alarm, RED EPIC unbox tomorrow on G+, Photovine)
July 11: New Nikon 40mm f2.8G DX lens is officially announced
July 11: Thom Hogan makes the case for a Nikon D400
July 11: Impact review alert: Panasonic G3 at dpreview
July 11: Reviews (Fuji X100, HS20, F550exr, Nikon P300, etc)
July 11: Leica lens manufacturing process in 153-second video
July 11: Hasselblad adds new features to H4D-60 with new firmware
July 11: Dissected: Pentax 21mm f3.2 DA Limited pancake lens
July 10: Last Warning to people who copy from this blog regularly without providing proper credit/attribution
July 10: Rumors: mythical mystical Canon 3D coming next year?
July 10: Rumors: Samsung NX200 in July, NX20 Jan-2012
July 9: NoisyMall updated - the easiest way to help support this blog
July 9: Weekend Shopper (open-box LX3K, Dell UltraSharp w/PremierColor, etc)
July 8: Kenko-Tokina buys Cokin
July 8: Reviews & Tests (T3/1100D, K-r, G3, E-P3 vs 7D AF test)
July 8: Fuji X100 dpreview review updated with firmware 1.10 findings
July 8: Sony NEX-C3 gets the DxoMark treatment
July 7: First Lumix Phone with optical stabilization getting released in Japan
July 7: Reviews & Samples (E-P3, A580, K-r, etc)
July 7: Latest CIPA production and shipment data (who invited the bears?)
July 7: Hipster News: SLR "mount" for iPhone (Canon, Nikon)
July 6: (EXPIRED) Zinio digital magazine special through Groupon: Pay $15, get $35 to spend
July 6: Canon 3-layer sensor patent surfaces
July 6: Reviews & Samples (E-P3 vs G3, SD1, HS20, GIMP, etc)
July 6: Rumors: Nikon Q system using 1/2.3" sensor too?
July 6: Panasonic GF3 reviewed at Photography Blog
July 5: Sony NEX-C3 full size samples and ISO comparison at DC Watch
July 5: Trend-spotting: Nikon "wins" overall German market for week #24
July 5: The Panasonic GH2 hacking party has began!
July 5: Rumors: Picasa, Blogger changing names
July 5: Canon considering mirrorless, "interesting product" next year? (interview with Reuters)
July 4: Video software wars: Adobe offers 50% off CS5.5 Premiere Pro or Production Premium (updated)
July 4: Zack Arias falls in love with Fuji X100 (calls it greatest digital camera ever)
July 4: Using Google+ to share pictures? Did you try it? What do you think?
July 4: Fuji mirrorless cameras coming? (interview with Reuters)
July 4: Ricoh cameras will take Pentax name? (also interview with Pentax UK)
July 2: Fuji X100 review party this week
July 1: Shop & Support this blog during the affiliate crisis


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