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July 28, 2011

(EXPIRED) HOT DEAL: 25% off digital cameras for Kindle w/Special Offers owners

This limited time special has ended! The promotion we alerted you about last week has just gone live! If you are an owner of a Kindle with Special Offers, you can get 25% off the current price of a number of digital cameras! You need to have an actual Kindle with Special Offers hardware device, in your hands and activated, in order to get this promotion!

Some of the cameras eligible for this promotion include (prices shown are after the 25% discount based on prices as of the time of writing):
+ Canon G12 ($352), SX30 IS ($300)
+ Nikon Coolpix P7000 ($281~)
+ Olympus E-PL2 w/14-42mm ($375), E-PL1 w/14-42mm ($300), E-P2 w/17mm ($497)
+ Panasonic GF2 w/14mm f2.5 ($402), GF2 w/14-42 ($375), G2 body ($225), FZ40 ($223), ZS10/TZ20 black ($225)
+ Pentax K-r 2-lens kit [18-55/55-200] ($509~), w/18-55 ($469~), WG-1 ($206)
+ Sony HX100v ($375), HX9v ($263~), HX5v ($142~), HX7v, H70
+ Fuji HS20 ($315), F550-EXR ($214), W3 3D ($244~)
+ Ricoh GRD III ($375), GX100 ($225), GXR body ($263~), GXR + P10 ($360)
+ Samsung TL500/EX1 ($230~), NX100 w/20-50 ($338~)
+ Sigma DP2s ($479~), DP1x ($488~), SD15 body ($742~)
+ Kodak Z990, Casio EX-FH100, EX-ZR100, etc, etc
+ prices in parenthesis are after the 25% discount based on the current prices and they are not updated automatically in the blog-post text
+ errors, typos, omissions and confusions are possible with such a chaotic post, so as usual, be sure to double-check everything
+ here is an example for the Olympus E-PL2 w/14-42mm: $500 - 25% off = $500 - $125 = $375; screenshot crop of the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page right below...


If you already have a Kindle w/Special Offers device
+ turn the Kindle w/Special Offers device on, make sure Wifi/3G is on, then press HOME then press MENU then select "View Special Offers"
+ one of the offers shown will be "Save 25% on Select Digital Cameras and Camcorders at"
+ click on that offer, and press the "Email me this offer" link
+ you must do the above steps before Sunday July 31 at 11:59pm pacific time! this is a hard deadline
+ the Amazon computers will send an email with the offer details to the email account associated with your shopping account
+ go to your computer and check your latest email
+ look for the email "Kindle Special Offer: Redeem your offer for Digital Cameras & Camcorders by 8/31/2011"
+ inside the email you will find a unique promo code created for you and you will find a link to the special promotion page - the cameras you see there are just a summary, click on the 461 cameras page and the 158 camcorders page
+ once you decide on which camera to buy, add it to cart as usual, and enter the promo code you received in the above email. After you enter the promo code and proceed to checkout, the price will automatically drop by 25% at the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page
+ the cameras must be sold and shipped by Amazon, NOT 3rd-party sellers
+ only one discount for one camera per Kindle w/SO device
+ you have until August 31, 2011 to make a purchase
+ even if you don't want/need a camera now, you have nothing to lose by requesting this - you only get charged if you purchase an actual camera

If you don't have a Kindle w/Special Offers device but WANT the deal
+ take a deep breath
+ in order to take advantage of this offer you must buy and successfully activate a Kindle with Special Offers device by Sunday July-31-2011 11:59pm pacific time
+ there are two versions of the 6-inch Kindle w/Special Offers: a Wifi-only ($114) and a Wifi + 3G ($139)
+ buying a Kindle w/Special Offers online: if you are an Amazon Prime member, you already get free 2-day shipping. For just $4 more, you can upgrade it to free 1-day shipping. Check the shipping estimate at the Amazon order page. If you order this, make sure someone will be available to accept delivery. If the delivery is missed or doesn't arrive on time, you will miss this deal! You decide if you want to take the risk!
+ buying at brick and mortar: Best Buy, Target, Staples, Radio Shack, Micro Center sell these at their brick and mortar stores. Toys R Us will begin selling these on Sunday. Make sure the one you buy is the Kindle with Special Offers, not the regular one!
+ once you buy it, follow the steps to activate it and link your account to it
+ I don't recall how much time the whole activation process may take, so if you are going to jump on this, get it done as soon as possible. The clock keeps ticking and the Sunday night deadline is a hard deadline

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