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July 04, 2011

Fuji mirrorless cameras coming? (interview with Reuters)

After an interview with the Fuji camera division head, Reuters writes that a Fuji mirrorless camera system may be coming. The Fuji guy said that Fuji can handle it in-house. He also has plans to grab the #3 overall digital camera market share by April 1st, 2014. (via Quesabesde, dpreview Fuji forum)

It is hard to pixel-peep the words in the Reuters interview since it is written in paraphrase-format and it probably includes translation, but it looks like Fuji is, as a minimum floating the idea of a mirrorless Fuji system coming, and as a maximum, they are telling us that it is coming and they can do it on their own without outside help.

The X100 has been a big Photokina surprise announcement and it captured the hearts and souls of a number of photographers. As we mentioned many times before, a hot high-end camera has a "tide effect" on the sales of the cameras below it. So hot on the heels of that, Fuji is making some noise in the interview above that it will surpass Samsung and Nikon in overall digital camera market share (overall = all digital cameras, fixed-lens, interchangeable lens, etc).

As things stand right now, the chances of that happening are about as good as an April 1st press release! Nikon seems to have solved their Coolpix sales problem, partially thanks to the DemiKutcherPix power-couple, and Samsung continues to flood the market with sub-$200 cameras which are market-share-grabbers. Samsung can beat Fuji is a price-war. Plus the popularity of the Galaxy smartphones is boosting the Samsung brand in the eyes of potential buyers.

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