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June 08, 2011

Sony waves goodbye to Alpha A850, A390 and A290

Amateur Photographer UK has a received an update from Sony - production for the Alpha A390 and A290 APS-C CCD DSLRs has ended and the Alpha A850 will be discontinued during the summer.

The Grumpy Photographer opines...
The A850 explanation is the definition of a tape-delayed epiphany, "because the 24.6MP camera is too similar in specification and price to the flagship Alpha 900 model". As we all know, Sony had nothing to do with the design of the Alpha 850, they just found it in a box with three stray kittens and decided to adopt them all ;-)

Cynics may perhaps speculate that the A390/A290 news is a result of them running out of the older no-video APS-C CCD sensors they had been trying to get rid of using in the entry-level Alpha DSLRs the last couple of years :)

Speculative Symbolism
If you are a camera mystic and follow the tradition of speculative symbolism, this is quite an interesting picture we have. They announced a mirrorless and pellicle-mirror interchangeable lens camera, and they ended production of traditional DSLRs, including a 35mmFF and the CCD APS-C sensors. It's as if they are signalling that one era is ending and another is beginning!

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