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June 23, 2011

Rumors: Pictures of alleged Sony A77 and A65 surface online (also: new NEX lens roadmap)

Sony Alpha Rumors has leaked product shots of two upcoming Sony Alpha pellicle-mirror digital SLRs, the Alpha A77 and the Alpha A65!

According to the rumors, these will be 24mp APS-C cameras, with dual-core engines, 3 megadot OLED finders, 10fps burst mode, tilting screen on the back, USB 3.0, 1000 shots, three memory card formats, $1000 price-range, and more promising features! Please note these are rumors!

SAR also writes that a new Sony NEX roadmap was presented in Asia as captured at the Xitek forums. As seen in the roadmap, the Zeiss lens is becoming a 24mm f2 pancake lens. You can never have too many pancakes if you are making a compact system!

If the A77 and A65 come out as rumored, and reasonably priced, they could be a potential game-changer in the DSLR market. Game-changer in that they offer more advanced features at the $1000 price-point, and game-changer in that they would put pressure on the other SLR manufacturers and force them to answer in kind and/or drop prices.

As usual, only time will tell how things will really turn out!

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