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June 18, 2011

Rumors: Google planning PhotoVine photo sharing service?

Rumors on the internets at suggest that Google is planning to launch a PhotoVine social photo sharing service of sorts. This is based on new patent action and domain name purchases. (via Techmeme).

Social media and interaction with non-engineer/non-geek humans are historically not a strong point for Google, so who knows how this service may turn out. Nevertheless, with a strong presence in Android smartphones and tablets, a social photo service from Google could be in a much better position to succeed than Wave and Buzz.

Idea box
Not related to the Google PhotoVine, here's an idea of photographer interest: what if one of these companies took photo-sharing one step further and allowed photographers to offer just-shared pictures for sale on the fly, perhaps integrate the instant purchase with existing checkout or app-store purchasing systems already available on the devices? For example, the just-purchased pictures could become wallpapers or screensavers on the buyers' smartphones or tablets, or perhaps prints at the nearest store with a photo printing service. You obviously wouldn't sell your masterpieces this way, however, it could be a potential source of revenue for casual pictures (eg cute kitten, beautiful flower in garden, etc).

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