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June 13, 2011

Rumors: 5D Mark III at Photokina 2012? Canon 3D in early 2012?

A new rumor at Northlight Images says that a 35mmFF Canon 3D will be announced early next year, and that a 5D Mark II replacement is a long way away, Photokina 2012. Please note these are rumors!

Meanwhile, EOSHD speculates that CMOS sensor heat issues may be influencing future decisions.

With the Pentax 645D and the Sigma SD1 becoming real, the Canon 3D is now the only official camera of Bigfoot!

As you may recall, the PMA/CliQ show rescheduled itself for CES 2012 time (early January 2012), and the natural disasters in Japan probably shifted some of the camera announcement plans at some of the manufacturers.

Speaking of trade shows, PDN is launching their first outdoor photography expo in Salt Lake City, Utah (August 4-5, 2011). Shockingly the trade show will take place indoors, inside a Hilton hotel, not outside in tents and under the sun! :)

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