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June 22, 2011

Pentax Q system partially leaked on their website (12mp 1/2.3", sensor shift, DNG, etc)

The official announcement is now out! A new post is published with our usual official announcement round-up. The Leak is preserved below for historical reference. The latest updates are at the official announcement round-up! The post below will no longer be updated!

The Pentax Q system was partially leaked at Pentax's own website! The PentaxForums forums and Serious Compacts (with image of the leaked camera included, showing a 8.5mm f1.9 native smc lens taking 40.5mm filters!) captured some of the information! You can also see a picture of the back of the camera via Foto Actualidad. Leakages at, Xitek forums, mitbbs.

A dpreview forum user has captured two images from the leak before they got pulled, they show the "Mr Roboto" pop-up flash climbing the ladder (you'll get it when you see the picture), and a top view of the camera [NEW!]

As rumorized, it will have a 12mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor. No details on the lenses yet, but it will called the "Q mount" and will have primes, fisheye and zoom lenses (no details). It will record RAW (DNG) and JPEG and have a 5fps burst mode. External EVF available as optional.

Hope we can believe in?
As you may recall, the Optio i-10 generated some excitement because of its retro-looks, but got hammered in the reviews for image-quality issues. Some Optio-defenders may say that the retro-look of the camera raised expectations, so the fall from IQ grace was steeper than it would have been for a typical P&S camera. Regardless, there is some hope because, according to the dpreview specs, the i-10 uses a CCD sensor. The new system is using a backlit CMOS sensor! There are still many other variables to consider but on the plus side, this is not the same sensor as the i-10!

+ in the comments at Serious Compacts, "wt21" ponders whether the grip is a hint that this is AA-powered.
+ on-going discussion of this in the on-going PentaxForums mega-thread
+ forum power-user "Ogl" has a very bearish view of the new system (in the aforementioned PFFs mega-thread)
+ discussion in the dpreview Pentax SLR forum

Early Opinion
+ DNG support will likely get the system some love from Adobe
+ not to be a Debbie Downer, but I hope they spent more time on the image processing and this does not turn out to be an "Optio i-10" image-quality-wise
+ if their marketing is smart, they should get the Star Trek Q actor (John de Lancie) to promote it to #StarTrek geeks
+ more comments and discussions in 140-chars or less on Twitter

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