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June 22, 2011

Pentax Q compact system with five lenses is officially announced

The new Pentax Q compact interchangeable lens camera systems with its five lenses is now officially announced! The price of the camera with the 49mm equivalent f1.9 lens is $800 in the US and 700 euro in mainland Europe. Buying the whole system (camera + 5 lenses + optional EVF) will cost $1640! The camera will start rolling out in September/October of 2011 (what we call Fauxtokina time).

Main Pentax Q features
+ 12mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor
+ sensor-shift stabilization
+ hot-shoe (not all mirrorless cameras have a hot-shoe)
+ RAW (DNG) and JPEG
+ 5fps (thanks to the backlit CMOS sensor)
+ max ISO 6400
+ 3-inch fixed LCD display (460 kilo-dots)
+ 1920x1080 30fps video (H.264)
+ dust bunnies shaker
+ CIPA estimate of 230 shots with LiIon battery (no AA)
+ SilkyPix RAW development software included
+ optional external viewfinder ($250)

+ Imaging Resource - many pics, including the Q as a keychain anchor (!) and body side-by-side with Panasonic GF3 and Sony NEX-C3 and more camera body pictures
+ 3-page preview at d-preview with a side-by-side with the Sony NEX-C3 camera body
+ 3-minute video demo by Pentaxian1 at Engagdet (IS0 6400 real-world sample shown on the camera's back LCD towards the end of the video - anyone dare to pixel-peep that? :-)
+ camera-body hands-on at Akihabara (caution: lots of red!)

Pentax Q Sample Pictures
+ sample pictures removed at the request of Pentax 27 JPEG studio test-samples at Imaging Resource [PIXEL-PEEP ALERT!] (thanks to AW for the alert)

+ Photo Club Alpha

The System
+ The Online Photographer - says Pentax was working on this for five years
+ DSLR Magazine

The Camera
+ dpreview
+ Focus Numerique
+ Photography Blog
+ AP UK (summary)
+ ePhotozine
+ PDN Pulse
+ Imaging Resource
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ Pocket Lint
+ dc resource
+ Ned Bunnell's blog (personal blog of Pentax USA president)

The Five Lenses
+ standard 49mm f1.9 (eq) included with the camera, along with zoom (28-80~ eq) [$300], fisheye ($130), "toy" lenses (MF and fixed focus, $80 each)
+ dpreview
+ Photography Blog
+ ephotozine
+ Imaging Resource
+ Le Monde de la Photo

+ post-announcement discussion in the Pentax Forums forums
+ various small threads at the dpreview Pentax DSLR forum
+ on-going discussion at Serious Compacts
+ in the comments section at TOP

You Decide

NOTE: The purpose of the write-in "Other" option in the poll above is to include answers that are not generally covered by the other choices. In this case, most of the write-in answers fall around the "Disaster" category, so add 3/4ths of the "Other" percentage to the "Disaster" percentage. Comments in "Other" included write-in entries such as: "suicide move", "LMAO", "who cares?", "a 1/2.3 sensor? yuck", etc.

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