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June 07, 2011

Opinion round-up (gear, digital, .edu, motivation, business, money matters, and lots more)

And now time for a new opinion round-up! As usual, please think of opinions as soapy bubbles hovering above people's heads. (I am not sure where this analogy is going... eject!)

+ five reasons I switched to a film rangefinder for street photography by Erik Kim (blog) at Steve Huff
+ Why I don't need an expensive camera by Photo Critic at Pixiq
+ sensor size does matter at Serious Compacts
+ on the Sigma SD1 price kerfuffle and Olympus parallels at BlogBeebe
+ "film is dead" revisited again in an Associated Press story via NPR et al

+ lenses are never wide enough or long enough by Photo Critic at Pixiq
+ on lens cleaning and the use of filters at Kirk Tuck

The Digital World
+ why pixel-peeping matters to me by SoundImagePlus at Serious Compacts
+ six reasons not to watermark your images at Tofurious
+ on the new Flickr 90-day waiting period before permanently deleting user accounts by Thomas Hawk
+ In defense of the digital revolution by guest Steve Jacob at MJ's TOP
+ Why we post-process? at Photo Walk Pro
+ RAW vs JPEG at Nothing Matters
+ flickr designer opines on flickr issues, more/via Thomas Hawk
+ favorite iphone photography apps by various photographers and techies compiled at Photojojo

Creativity and Motivation
+ On re-invention by Kirk Tuck
+ Stop trying to get everyone to like your work by Chase Jarvis
+ "I hear voices" at Pixelated Image

+ portraits should be about the person, not the technique by Kirk Tuck
+ ten books I wouldn't do without as an artist by Kirk Tuck
+ 50 must-read photography books in the opinion of Photo Critic (Haje Jan Kamps) at Pixiq
+ top ten wedding photographers of 2011 according to the hive-mind of American Photo (spoiler alert: it's actually 13!)
+ three biggest mistakes amateur photographers make at TOP

+ Time for professional vs hobbyist war to end at Black Star Rising (corrected link)
+ Why is a photojournalist's gender relevant to their work? at Black Star Rising
+ On Hubris by Kirk Tuck
+ Why no one is reading your photo blog at New Media Photographer

+ why Groupon may be a stupid idea for photographers at PetaPixel
+ two 30-minute video-interviews on "How we hire photographers" at Photo Shelter with a marketing manager and a magazine photo editor
+ Copyright or copy-wrong? at Speedlighter
+ Finding clients at Canon Blogger
+ 15 things photo buyers love to see in an email at Photo Shelter
+ on the benefits of email marketing services at Photo Shelter

Business - money matters
+ "Why day rates are bad" video with John Harrington at Photo Shelter
+ How to pay your crew at Wide Open Camera
+ tax opinions on buying camera gear for a photography business at Photo Shelter
+ should photographers incorporate? a 5-minute video at Photo Shelter
+ common IRS red flags for photographers video at Photo Shelter
+ on ending unpaid internships at Through the Looking Glass
+ is it okay for photographers to "write for free" at Black Star Rising

+ how to save Pentax video at Digital Rev (starts at the 2 minute and 18 second mark)

Blast from the Past
+ Photojournalism is dead, by Dick Kraus, written in 1999, reprinted at the Digital Journalist, recommended by @TheLeicaBoss

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