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June 15, 2011

Newsbytes (new Toshiba video sticks, new DXo software, Google Image Search, firmware)

And now time to round-up some new happenings: we have two new Toshiba camcorder video sticks, new DxO soFtwAre, revamped Google image search, new books, sensor news, and lots of firmware updates.

New Gear
+ two new Toshiba camcorder sticks, the P100 and B10, see via Photography Blog, Cameratown et al. The P100 is already shipping (!) at Amazon for $180
+ HCAM adapter for medium format via Photoscala (computer translated)

New Google Image Search
+ see dozens of posts about it via Techmeme
+ photo-blogo-sphere reactions at Thomas Hawk DC, APE, Pop Photo, PetaPixel, et al

New Software
+ DxoLaBs Filmpack 3 film simulation software via dpreview, Le Monde, P-Blog, PMA NL, et al
+ DxoLaBs Optics Pro version 6.6 via dpreview, Focus Numerique, P-Blog, et al

Sensor News
+ lots of new updates at Image Sensors World

New Books
+ new "DYI Legal Kit eBook" from Canon Blogger
+ new Canon T3i/600D "From Snapshots to Great shots" book by Jeff Revell (shipping for $15~ at Amazon)
+ new Nikonians book, "Mastering the Nikon D7000", by Darrell Young (pre-orders at Amazon for $21~)

Firmware updates
+ Casio Tryx, EX-ZR10 and EX-ZR100 via Photoscala, P.Blog, et al
+ Casio EX-H20 via P.Blog et al
+ Fuji XP20, XP30 and Z90 via Photography Blog et al
+ various at dpreview

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