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June 12, 2011

New Panasonic GF3 is revealed (lots of samples and previews)

Panasonic has announced a brand new Micro Four Thirds digital camera, the GF3, along with a new M43rds lens, the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4. The camera features a 12mp sensor and a compact curvy camera body without a hot-shoe. This is the ninth Panasonic M43rds camera, and 14th M43rds camera so far.

Panasonic GF3 Video Previews
+ video preview at CNet News (video starts with 30s Coolpix ad)
+ video preview on YouTube by BesteProduct
+ 3-minute video preview at Photo Radar

Panasonic GF3 Previews
+ Quesabesde
+ DC Resource
+ 3-page preview at d-preview - including NEX-C3 body size-by-side pictures
+ Photography Blog
+ 3-page preview at dpnow and/or Four Thirds User
+ 3-page preview at
+ multi-page preview at Register Hardware
+ Pocket Lint
+ text-based preview at Amateur Photographer UK and WDC
+ Digital Photographer UK
+ Amateur Photographer UK
+ Trusted Reviews

Panasonic GF3 Samples
+ full size JPEG and RAW real-world samples at Photography Blog
+ full size real-world samples at dpnow
+ full size samples at Lens Tip and (page down to see them all)
+ Quesabesde (towards the bottom of the long page)
+ four pages of full resolution crops at Register Hardware

Press Release Parade
+ dpreview
+ Photoscala
+ Imaging Resource
+ Focus Numerique
+ dpnow
+ ephotozine
+ DC Watch Impress
+ systemcamera-forum
+ Foto Intern
+ DSLR Magazine

Production Numbers
+ initial monthly production output of 20,000 GF3 units says Panasonic Japan
+ they also revealed the G3 (G-Three) initial monthly production output of 15,000 units says Panasonic Japan also

+ the camera is available for pre-order at Amazon, going for $600 with the 14-42mm lens and for $700 with the 14mm f2.5 pancake lens.

The UK price will be 500 GBP with the 14-42mm lens with a mid-July release estimate.

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