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June 22, 2011

Leica developing new compact EVIL camera system for Photokina 2012

It is "Compact Systems on Parade"! At a formal event with the photography press in Paris, the Leica Chiefs said that Leica will launch a new compact camera system at Photokina 2012 (please note this year is 2011!). Read all about it at the British Journal of Photography. Leica said this will have a sensor size of at least APS-C. The BJP article is a must-read! This is an EVIL! There is no mention of mirror or mirrorless in the article.

Also attending the event and reporting is Amateur Photographer UK.

This is not a rumor! It is official news as it comes out of the mouths of the Leica Chiefs at an official press event!

So far recounts of the press event in Paris have only appeared at BJP and AP-UK. I don't know if more were invited to the event but haven't completed/published their articles yet. Time will tell...

Early Opinion
+ Leica perhaps saw a big hole between the current mirrorless systems (M43rds, NEX, NX) with none of those manufacturers in any particular hurry to develop something more advanced, so essentially the space from $1000 to the Leica M-series is unoccupied
+ the timing of this is perhaps a smart move by Leica (no Leicaphile) as it attempts to "freeze" the market - the market of photographers looking for a more serious/expensive compact EVIL system than what we currently have at the moment
+ the mention of an APS-C or larger sensor will also undoubtedly catch people's attention as a noticeable percentage of photographers consider sensor-size a very important factor
+ more comments and discussions in 140-chars or less on Twitter

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