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June 2011 (114 posts)

June 30: Ricoh buying Pentax - it is OFFICIAL (Hoya press release!)
June 30: Panasonic launches 2012 London Olympics G3 special edition
June 30: Google's photo-sharing app is a Pool Party
June 30: More Sigma SD1 RAW files
June 30: Hasselblad purchased by European private-equity investor
June 29: Blog Crisis 2011 - changes coming up in the next few days
June 29: Olympus launches three new M43rds cameras, two M43rds lenses, one new flash
June 29: Great Idea: Open picture sharing service with data portability with you in control (think Wordpress)
June 29: Alleged 63-item Pentax Q internal FAQ for employees surfaces online
June 27: Ten Good Deals (Nikon Instant Rebates, GF2, A55, D5100, K200D, etc)
June 27: Reviews (Fuji X100, Pana G3, A55, HS20, Oly XZ-1, RED EPIC, etc)
June 27: Which mirrorless as a Leica M-series 2nd body? (asks Luminous)
June 27: More Olympus E-P3 pictures leak online
June 27: Sigma SD1 RAW samples by Rytterfalk
June 27: New Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 DX fisheye without built-in hood
June 26: Nikon Instant Rebates renewed until July 30, 2011
June 25: GE launches two compact-zooms (15x, 10x) with Aptina CMOS sensor and 10fps
June 25: Picture #31000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
June 24: Pentax Q system hands-on report by DC Watch Impress
June 24: Tokina 17-35mm f4 Pro FX coming in July (Canon) and September (Nikon)
June 24: Fuji releases 22-point firmware update for the X100 (version 1.10)
June 23: (DEAD for now) Canon T3i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $913 (also: Nikon Instant Rebates ending soon)
June 23: Rumors: chatter of Canon "S100" (S95 replacement)
June 23: Reviews (X100, X1, A35, G3, XZ-1, superzooms, and lots more)
June 23: Disturbing Apple patent: 3rd-parties disabling your camera!
June 23: Rumors: Pictures of alleged Sony A77 and A65 surface online (also: new NEX lens roadmap)
June 23: Rumors: Olympus E-P3 E-Pen main specs leaked
June 22: Pentax Q compact system with five lenses is officially announced
June 22: Leica developing new compact EVIL camera system for Photokina 2012
June 22: No plans for a digital Leica R-system
June 22: Pentax Q system partially leaked on their website (12mp 1/2.3", sensor shift, DNG, etc)
June 21: R&D: Light field stealthy start-up Lytro gets into the spotlight
June 21: TOP teases exciting new camera tomorrow night (updated)
June 21: New Leica M9-P, an M9 without a Red Dot (and small differences)
June 21: New Leica Super-Elmar 21mm f3.4 asph (M series) lens is announced
June 21: Newsbytes (Apple Final Cut Pro X official, Canon T3i colors, Mamiyathon, firmware)
June 21: In-stock alert: Nikon 50mm f1.8G for $220 + S&H
June 21: Fuji X100 new firmware features revealed on Twitter (10 so far) [updated]
June 20: Nokia launches new N9 phone w/28mm f2.2 Zeiss (eq) and dual LED flash
June 20: Panasonic claims iLC market share of 30% in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong
June 20: Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 by Alex Koloskov (and more!)
June 20: Ten Good Deals (Sigma lenses, Canon 7D, T3i two-lens instant rebates, Extreme)
June 20: eBay watch: Sigma SD1 auction closing at 5:50pm NYC time tonite
June 20: Picture of Olympus E-PM1 body leaked! (M43rds camera)
June 20: Pentax mid-range mirrorless to go for 70-80,000 yen (PEN News Weekly)
June 20: Last call: Nikon D3 buffer upgrades end July 20, 2011
June 19: Lens Reviews update finally completed (51 new reviews added)
June 18: Hoya tells Nikkei mirrorless system coming this summer
June 18: Rumors: Google planning PhotoVine photo sharing service?
June 18: Speculation + opinion on 1/2.3" interchangeable lens systems
June 17: SLR Magic prices 12mm f1.6 (M43rds) at $500, ships 28/2.8 (NEX) for $200
June 17: Winner of Sigma SD1 giveaway selling camera on eBay (updated)
June 17: In-stock alert: Panasonic GH2 black body for $900 (sold-out: w/14-42mm (black))
June 17: Hands-on with a pre-production Sigma SD1 at X3M
June 16: The Great (Video) Camera Shootout 2011 part #1 is out (30 min, 15 cameras)
June 16: Newsbytes (new exciting UPS Return Exchange service, more firmware, confessions)
June 16: Reviews (Canon 1D Mark IV vs Nikon D3s, Leica M9, superzooms, etc)
June 16: Pentax smallest interchangeable lens camera system announcement June 23?
June 15: Rumor round-up: Final Cut X, iPhone flash, Facebook photo sharing app
June 15: Thom Hogan ranks out-of-camera JPEG results of DSLR/iLC imaging engines
June 15: Newsbytes (new Toshiba video sticks, new DXo software, Google Image Search, firmware)
June 15: Reviews Etc (D7000 vs K-5, D5100, Panasonic G3, Fuji X100, XZ-1, S95, etc)
June 14: Fuji X100 vs Leica X1 in July 2011 Pop Photo
June 14: Plan ahead: Saturday June 18 is World Pentax Day
June 13: Rumors: Olympus will launch a 12mm f2 lens and three E-Pens in June 2011
June 13: Rumors: 5D Mark III at Photokina 2012? Canon 3D in early 2012?
June 13: New Canon 55-250mm EF-S f4-5.6 IS II lens
June 13: Panasonic planning serious GF-series camera, two Fall lenses (also GH-series a priority)
June 12: New Panasonic GF3 is revealed (lots of samples and previews)
June 12: New Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 (M43rds) lens
June 12: The 20 most recent DSLRs and iLCs (live chart)
June 11: Father's Day Digital Camera Specials
June 11: Hands-on report with the RED EPIC by Vincent Laforet
June 11: New Eneloop Pro and Plus announced in Japan
June 10: R&D: CML plans OIS for smartphones (2012/2013), whitepapers OIS testing methodology
June 10: Reviews (D5100 vs T3i/600D, Panasonic G3, D7000, P&S, USB 3.0 reader, etc)
June 10: Sigma Photo Pro 5 ready to use, compatible wtih Sigma SD1 RAW files
June 9: (SOLD OUT) In-stock alerts: Nikon 50mm f1.8G ($220), Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 ($1500)
June 9: Olympus tech trainer on Facebook answers M43rds/DSLRs question
June 9: 12mm f1.6 M43rds SLR Magic Noktor lens coming soon?
June 8: New Ricoh PX waterproof announced (with samples and preview)
June 8: Sony waves goodbye to Alpha A850, A390 and A290
June 8: More action on the new Sony A35 and NEX-C3 (also: more firmware updates)
June 8: New close-up picture of white Panasonic GF3 body leaked
June 8: New Sigma SD1 official samples in photo-essay format (Japan)
June 7: New Sony A35 pellicle-DSLR, NEX-C3 mirrorless, 30/3.5 NEX, HVL-F20S flash
June 7: New Sony Alpha A35, their third pellicle-mirror DSLR
June 7: New Sony NEX-C3 mirrorless E-mount camera, the third NEX so far
June 7: New Sony 30mm f3.5 macro for the NEX E-mount system
June 7: New Sony HVL-F20S flash announced with NEX-C3, powered by NEX-C3
June 7: Riddle: which existing camera shot this picture?
June 7: Opinion round-up (gear, digital, .edu, motivation, business, money matters, and lots more)
June 7: Samples from Samsung 85mm f1.4 (NX) appear in Korea
June 7: Factory shots of upcoming babyPrimes lenses (rehoused Zeiss SLR lenses for video)
June 7: In-stock alert: Panasonic GH2 w/14-140 for $1500 (w/14-42 black for $1000)
June 6: Rumors: new Powershot models in August
June 6: Reviews (Pentax 645D macro, Fuji X100, HX9 beats T3i/600D video, etc)
June 6: Samsung 85mm f1.4 (NX) caught live-tested in the field
June 5: Pictures of rumored Panasonic GF3 appear in Lumix-sponsored music video
June 5: Zeiss ZF.2 lenses rehoused for video as babyPrimes by KelvinKamera
June 4: Cine Gear 2011 Expo (Zeiss talks SLR vs CP lenses, RED, GH2 rig, etc)
June 3: Weekend Shopper (refurbished Pentax K100D for $260, Panasonic TZ20/ZS10 for $300, etc) [updated]
June 3: Review Train (T3i, D5100, NX11, V-Lux 30 vs TZ20/ZS10, etc)
June 3: Canon launches limited edition red T3/1100D bundle in Australia
June 2: Nikon D90 is discontinued
June 2: Rumors: Canon laywers forcing to shut down?
June 2: In-stock alerts: silver Panasonic GH2 for $1000 [sold-out: Fuji X100]
June 2: New Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 OS is pre-orderable for $3200
June 1: Fact or Fiction? Nikon D4 specs overheard in a restaurant?
June 1: Nikon D5100 films its own TV commercial
June 1: Pentax announces O-GPS1 GPS unit for Pentax DSLRs for $250
June 1: Official: Twitter photo sharing service will be hosted by Photobucket
June 1: B&H Photo return policy now extended to 30 days
June 1: Chase Jarvis shows his ten different camera formats


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