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June 21, 2011

Fuji X100 new firmware features revealed on Twitter (10 so far) [updated]

The revolution will be retweeted! Or in this case, the firmware update feature set will be retweeted! The Fuji Guys are revealing on Twitter the features of the upcoming Fuji X100 firmware update. So far they have posted 10 different things, compressed each in 140 or characters or less. Check them out on their Twitter page @FujiGuys. These include practical and functional updates. and ...religious updates (you can change the word ISO to ASA) ;-) There could be more coming!

UPDATE: It looks like the change of ISO to ASA was an attempt at a joke by The FujiGuys. Now the ASA fans will be disappointed :(

Now if the FujiGuys want to earn uber-geek-e-cred, they should retweet the binaries of the firmware code itself when it gets released, 140 bytes at a time. That will get them lifetime achievement awards at Slashdot and Reddit and Ycombinator :) UPDATE: I see 1s and 0s! Time to start forging the awards!

The Fuji X100 remains hard to find in-stock at reputable dealers at the opening price of $1200. You can check future updates at the Fuji X100 stock status page. As of the time of writing, Amazon continues to accept orders for $1200, but the camera remains in "Temporarily out of stock" status.

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