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May 08, 2011

Subscribe to this blog on the Kindle with 14-day free trial

If you have a Kindle, you can read this blog on the Kindle! There are two main approaches to doing this. One is a subscription through the Amazon Kindle Blogs service which has a monthly fee after a 14-day free trial, and the other is a DIY approach, and it is free!

A detailed long-winded post follows after the jump...

Subscribing through the Amazon Kindle Blogs service (14-day free trial, 99c/month after)
The price, subscriptions, customer service, and everything associated with the Kindle Blogs subscription service is handled by the Amazon Kindle team. We give them the RSS feed, and they do everything else.

With this subscription service, new updates to the blog will be delivered to your Kindle automatically by Amazon, as long as your Kindle is connected to the internet via 3G or Wifi. The 3G Kindles include device-lifetime free 3G delivery for Amazon-purchased content, so you don't have to lift a finger to receive the new updates. (You can also download via a computer from the "Manage your Kindle" page at, and upload the content to the Kindle via USB)

If you have a Kindle, you can sign up for a free 14-day free trial through the Kindle Blogs subscription service. You can start the free trial through your browser, or directly from the Kindle through the Kindle Store (search for "1001 noisy"). The 14-day free trial converts into a paying subscription at the end of the 14-day free trial unless you cancel it. This is the standard process for Amazon Blogs subscriptions. So if you want to cancel it, be sure to set calendar alerts to notify you to cancel within 14 days!

You can easily cancel by getting to "Your Account" (top right corner of every page), then click on "Manage your Kindle", then locate the "Your Active Kindle Subscriptions" section and click on "Cancel Subscription" for "1001 Noisy Cameras", and then confirm or cancel the cancellation.

If not cancelled within those 14 days, the free trial converts into a monthly subscription, at the current price of 99c per month. You can also cancel this at any time. The price is set by the Amazon Kindle team.

The Kindle Blog subscriptions are currently available only on the actual Kindle devices, not on computers or other portable or mobile devices!

This option is best suited if you prefer the convenience of having the new updates automatically delivered to your Kindle and have regular and on-going access to the internet via 3G or Wifi.

Please keep in mind this blog is best suited for reading with a live internet connection and a web browser since it is a hub with lots of links to the rest of the internets. So don't continue beyond the 14-day free trial, unless you find it useful as a Kindle service!

You can always read this blog on the Kindle for FREE
There are many ways to read this blog for free on the Kindle, but they don't have the convenience of the automated delivery of the Amazon Blog service.

If your Kindle has the "Experimental Browser" (press HOME, MENU, select Experimental and then "launch browser"), and you can connect to the internet with Wi-fi, you have three options:

1) you can visit the full-size website by entering in the address bar of the browser (it's easier to type than Unless you have eagle-eyes, this is only readable when you put the Kindle in landscape mode (the sidebar is of fixed length, but the main column is not, so the main column gets squeezed on "narrow" screens)

1.5) TIP: With the browser running, when you are at an individual blog post page, press MENU, and then select "Article Mode". This will fill up the page with just the text and throw away the template. If you do this on the home page, you will get an extra confirmation window, and then it will open the first/most-recent blog-post.

2) visit the mobile version of the site, type in the address bar of the browser. This is not an official mobile feature, it is piggy-backing on the infrastructure put in place for TypePad Japan, but since it is available, you can use it if you find it useful. This is best suited for smaller screens and lower resolutions.

3) use the free full-text RSS feed

If your Kindle does not have the Experimental Browser, or you are not going to be near 3G or Wifi, you can also use different services to convert the blog to PDF or any other mobile format your device can read.

We will have more on this at a later time!

PS: I am not sure how I managed to turn something relatively simple into a long-winded post :)

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