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May 19, 2011

SLR Magic buys Noktor, shows NEX 28mm f2.8 prototype, plans full frame lens

CNet Asia got an update from SLR Magic where SLR Magic confirmed they bought Noktor and they plan to continue the Noktor line in the future with fast primes. SLR Magic speculates high costs in the manufacturing of the 50mm f0.95 financially killed Noktor (the old company) [does this mean goodbye 50mm f0.95 for now?]

SLR Magic also informed them of a prototype 28mm f2.8 pancake lens coming for the Sony NEX E-mount (picture at CNet Asia). UPDATE: @DSLRInformer writes on Twitter that the 28/2.8 lens looks like the Mitakon 28mm f2.8 (NEX). Perhaps a Samyang approach - multiple brands for the same product?

SLR Magic also revealed plans to make a prototype lens for "full frame cameras". The article does not specify what type of full frame cameras (SLRs? RF? other?).

Speaking of full frame, SLR lenses have become an attraction of late, with Zeiss growing their SLR lens line-up, Schneider-Kreuznach launching tilt shift lenses, and Samyang pushing forward with their plans.

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