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May 25, 2011

Sigma responds to Sigma SD1 price talk, but do they understand?

There is a short new post at dpreview that apparently has a short response from Sigma on the SD1 price. Sigma seems to think that $6900 vs $9700 is actually a relevant price difference. Sure, the amount of money is significant, but when you consider that Foveonographers were expecting to pay Canon 7D prices (search for "EOS 7D") for the SD1, what difference does it make?

The funny thing with all this is that Sigma has no one else but themselves to blame. They wrote the press releases which announced the price was $9700. All they had to do is write in the press release, "the starting/opening/street price will be $6900". That simple!

If you don't communicate the most important information about your own products in your own press release, where do you expect people to find it? On page #2416 of "War and Peace"? :) Which brings me back to the need to clean up the way press releases are written!

They even have a Twitter account but none of their posts respond to price questions. The COO of Sigma is also active on Twitter (in Japanese).

PS: there is an Easter Egg in one of the numbers mentioned in this post

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