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May 03, 2011

Rumors: Q talks of Nikon delays and uncertainty ("D800", mirrorless, "D4")

This is obviously not a surprise considering the natural disasters in Japan, but now, according to sources, Quesabesde writes (computer translated) that Nikon has pushed back their plans and still does not have firm dates for their next wave of DSLRs. However, Q notes that a "D800" (D700 replacement) may be announced in late 2011 (October), the rumored/wished-for mirrorless is facing a similar fate, and a "D4" is perhaps getting announced in early 2012.

There is also the usual lag time between announcement-day and shipping-day, so even if they are announced at the aforementioned times, it may be a few more weeks/months before they start shipping. Especially considering the current situation.

Please treat these as rumors since they are not official announcements!

It will also be interesting to see what a "D4" would be. It has been a tale of two cities (almost) for the D3x and D3s, with the former priced/treated almost like a medium format camera by many Nikon photographers, and the latter getting near-universal love for its "mad ISOz". Will Nikon attempt a "unified field theory" with a D4? Will it be a D4s or D4x or a D4 unified beast that could actually keep the other two DSLRs (D3s, D3x) competitive as special-purpose tools for a longer time?

What they plan for a "D4" may (or may not) also be linked to what happens to a "D800". Do they continue with one model or do they split it in two? The introduction of the D7000 has already caused a disturbance in the DSLR force, not just in the Nikon world, so it may be a good time to adjust the line-up?

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