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May 12, 2011

New Panasonic G3 Micro Four Thirds camera (hands-on, Q&A, ISO samples)

Panasonic has just announced the brand new Panasonic G3, their eighth Micro Four Thirds camera, and the lucky thirteenth overall M43rds camera!

The G3 features a 16-megapixel sensor, Venus Engine FHD, electronic eye-level viewfinder (100%, 1.44m dot, 800x600, 0.7x), and a 3-inch free angle touch screen display.

Burst mode is 4fps at full resolution with the mechanical shutter and 20fps but at 4mp with the electronic shutter. Video is 1080/60i using AVCHD (sensor output is 30p).

(Note: new links added the morning after the announcement have the [NEW!] tag next to them)

Panasonic G3 reviews and previews
+ completed review (!) at Photography Blog
+ seven-page preview at dpreview
+ preview at Imaging Resource
+ first impressions hands-on and side by side with GH2 at ephotozine
+ review at Tech Radar (may get a pop-up ad!)
+ preview at Amateur Photographer along with short video hands-on and video interview [NEW!]

Panasonic G3 in the Lab
+ compare measurables, samples and crops between the G3 and other cameras at Les Numeriques [NEW!]

Panasonic G3 ISO comparisons and sample pictures
+ 26 real-world full-size samples at dpreview
+ ISO comparisons to GH2, G2, T3i/600D, A560 at Imaging Resource and studio test samples
+ ISO 100 to 6400 full-size test samples at Focus Numerique
+ ISO comparisons between the G3 and G2, T3/1100D and HX9v at Les Numeriques (look at the three green links above the ISO crops) [NEW!]

Hands-on with the Panasonic G3
+ hands-on at, including side-by-side with G2 and GF2
+ Photography Blog action: hands-on with body (lots of body pictures), unboxing, side by side with E-PL1 and NX10
+ hands-on video (under 4min) at Kamera & Bild
+ text impressions at WDC
+ 18-slide hands-on at PC Magazine [NEW!]
+ hands-on at Trusted Reviews [NEW!]
+ hands-on at Digital Photographer UK [NEW!]
+ first look at CNet UK [NEW!]
+ text-based first impressions at Four Thirds User [NEW!]
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint [NEW!]

Q&A/Interview with Panasonic
+ text-based Q&A with Panasonic on the G3 and more (3 pages long) at Photography Blog [HOT!]
+ 7-minute video feature at (in French)
+ video interview with Panasonic UK at Amateur Photographer UK [NEW!]

Press Release Parade
+ dc resource
+ Imaging Resource
+ dpreview
+ ephotozine
+ Focus Numerique
+ Foto Intern
+ Le Monde de la Photo
+ Quesabesde

The body only will open at $600, while the kit with the 14-42mm OIS lens will open at $700. Already, Amazon is taking pre-orders. The zoom kit will be available in four body colors this time.

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