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May 09, 2011

Olympus UK reaffirms DSLRs-until-M43rds doctrine

A previously mentioned recent interview with Akira Watanabe of Olympus at Chinese website Tech Sina said that the single and double digit E-series will continue. Granted, this was a multi-translated interview, so nuance can be lost. Based on the computer-translation this interview may have been departing from the previous Olympus doctrine of "DSLRs until M43rds are advanced enough".

Fast forward to today, ePhotozine had a short interview with Olympus UK, where the Olympus UK representative reaffirmed the pre-TechSina "Olympus doctrine" of DSLRs until M43rds are advanced enough, and attributed the divergence as lost-in-translation and such. He also repeated that the E-XXX series (think E420, E520, E620) are replaced by the PENs.

We can also assume that Olympus Japan pulls rank over all the other regional Olympuses, so who knows. As usual, only time will tell. Will M43rds be greeted as liberators? ;-)

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