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May 04, 2011

Nikon D5100 stock status

The Nikon D5100 was announced in early April 2011, following up on the D5000, and sitting in-between the D3000/D3100 and the D90/D7000, using a 16mp APS-C sensor.

Latest Update: Sat June 18, 2011 at 9:54pm EST - I have changed the default price (leftmost column) for the Nikon D5100 w/18-55 from $900 to $850 as most retailers have dropped there... Instant Rebates return and the best deals are at Amazon, the two-lens kit with 18-55 & 55-200 DX VR goes for $950~, and w/18-55 & 55-300 DX VR goes for $1100~.
This round of instant rebates ends June-25-2011 unless it gets extended.

Nikon D5100 stock status and price checker
D5100 kitIn-StockPre-Order
D5100 body
Cameta ($760)
Abe's of Maine ($782 w/free 16GB w/LOYALTY15)
B&H Photo (free Red Giant software)
J&R World
Amazon (Amazon itself)
D5100 w/18-55
Abe's of Maine ($835 w/LOYALTY15)
Amazon ($839 via 3rd parties)
B&H Photo (free Red Giant)
J&R World
Abt Electronics
Best Buy (via 3rd parties)

+ prices and availability are as of the "Latest update" date & time shown above
+ prices and availability are not updated automatically
+ EST is Eastern Time (New York City time)
+ "toos" is short for "temporarily out of stock"
+ "listed only" means the camera is listed on a retailer's website but you cannot order or pre-order it yet.
+ "bizdays" = short for "business days"
+ if no price is shown in the table above, it means it has the default price, which is shown in the left-most column, under the camera's name
+ if not familiar with a particular seller, be sure to research them to your satisfaction. This is a notification service, we do not make decisions for you
+ as usual, we do not calculate S&H, sales tax and import/export taxes/availability - check each retailer's website for those details
+ your purchases through the stock-status pages help support this blog and allows us to continue operating independently, so if you find the stock status pages useful, please consider making your purchases through them

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