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May 18, 2011

News round-up (software, firmware, hardware, new clones, awards, M&A, etc)

Lots of press release news came out the last 48 hours or so, so it is time to round them up!

+ Apple unleashes Digital Camera Raw compatibility 3.7 adding support for the Lady X100, Nikon D5100, Olympus E-PL2, XZ1, and *gasp* Samsung GX-1s, via Galbraith, CNet Asia
+ Adobe RED EPiC importer, via Cinescopophilia
+ Fuji F550exr and HS20 support being added to DCRAW - via dpreview Fuji forum
+ Adobe DNG thumbnail previews arriving at 64-bit Windows (7 or Vista) via CNet Deep Tech

+ new Canon T3i/600D firmware, see Cameratown, Cinema5D, FN et al

+ new Contour+ Helmet camera announced, via Imaging Resource
+ new Sony Memorystick Pro-HG Duo HX (what a yucky name) with up to 50MB/sec transfer rates, via Sony Europe
+ Epson and E-ink develop 300-dpi electronic paper, via DC Views

New Shiny-Silver Clones
+ new BenQ P1410 (7x starting at 28mm) via dpnow, DC Views
+ new BenQ E1465 via dpnow
+ new Rollei Designline 4083 via dpnow

Who's praising us nao? (us = cameras)
+ Pentax celebrates the Camera of the Year Grand Prix award in Japan for the 645D via P-Blog, AP UK

+ CNet Asia tried to confirm the Noktor purchase by SLR Magic, got email reply from SLR Magic email address
+ is the RedRock EVF vaporware asks Canon 5D Tips
+ Varioptic acquired by Parrot via ISW blog

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