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May 25, 2011

New Leica V-Lux 30 superzoom channels the Panasonic TZ20/ZS10 [updated]

A new Leicasonic is born! Leica has announced the new V-Lux 30, a compact-travel-zoom that just happens to be similar to the Panasonic TZ20/ZS10. It is expected to come out in June 2011, and it will include Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Premiere 9.

Los prices sont $750 USA, 650 Euro, 550 GBP, 990 Singapore. Overpriced in every continent and every language ;-) If you are a Leica-proper fan and find the Leicasonics irritating, think of them as "fundraisers" for future Leica M-series R&D :)

Not willing to let Leica fans waiting, Willoughby's on Amazon has it in-stock and shipping is accepting pre-orders for $750 with an estimated June-24-2011 shipping date. [as of May-27-2011 12:51am ET check]

This brings the number of new cameras in 2011 to 128, 37 of which are superzooms (29%). This also continues a Leicasonic shutout for May - they are the only ones who announced new cameras this month!

UPDATE: Full-size samples and comparisons to the Panasonic TZ20/ZS10 are available. Check the latest review round-up for the details.

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