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May 26, 2011

DxoMark test results for the Panasonic G3

Time to face the judge, jury and forum-executioners (not foreshadowing) for the Panasonic G3! Judge DxoMark has issued his technical ruling on the RAW sensor data of the Panasonic G3! The DxoMark team has also written a technical discussion of their findings!

As usual, you can use the DXoMarK database to compare to any other camera in their results database. Here are some pre-filled comparisons to get you started:

+ Panasonic G3 vs G2 vs G1
+ G3 vs GH2 vs GH1
+ G3 vs GF2 vs GF1
+ G3 vs Olympus E-PL2 vs E-P2 (vs the latest E-Pens)
+ G3 vs Olympus E-5 vs E30 (similar sensor size)
+ G3 vs Sony NEX-5 vs NEX-3 - mirrorless rivals
+ G3 vs Samsung NX11 vs Samsung NX100 - mirrorless rivals
+ G3 vs Nikon D90 vs Pentax K-x - vs 12mp APS-C ISO darlings
+ G3 vs Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K-5 - vs 16mp APS-C darlings
+ G3 vs Nikon D5100 vs Sony A580 - vs 16mp APS-C why-aren't-we-darlings?

As usual with DXoMark evaluations, please note these test results are only one part of the equation when evaluating different digital camera systems!

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