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May 31, 2011

Cyberlink launches free beta of new digital workflow software

We did not get a new camera at the Computex trade-show in Taiwan, but we did get some new software! Software company Cyberlink is boldly going with a beta launch of their new digital workflow software called PhotoDirector 2011. Everyone can sign-up for a 90-day free trial. And if you give them feedback on your experience with the software by June 20, 2011, you will receive the first official release for free. The official release will be priced at $100.

More details:
+ beta sign-up page
+ press release and discussion at Galbraith, Imaging Resource, Imaging Insider, Cameratown, et al

Unboxing the beta free trial
1. you sign up at the beta sign-up page
2. you receive an email from Cyberlink with a download link
3. that link downloads an installer program
4. the installer program downloads a 95MB executable
5. executing the executable starts the installation
6. installation is with the Install Shield Wizard
7. installation completes, no reboot needed
8. start the software
9. register or skip registration, your choice
10. start using the software! it includes six samples pictures to play with (yes, one is an adorable kitty!)

The email you received in Step #2 includes two .DOC files. One you can use to report issues/problems with the software, and the other is the feedback form that will get you the free software if you follow all the steps mentioned in the email. The 17 questions to answer in order to get the free software are mostly about photography and your experience with the software, except the first three questions (age-group, sex and nationality).

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