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May 24, 2011

As the Sigma SD1 world turns (SD1 body listed at $6900, more opinions/debates)

The camera world seems to revolve around the SD1 this week! The gravity of its price is apparently pulling everyone in ;-) Time for yet another round-up of reactions and opinions! If you need a refresher on the Foveon sensor, check the X3 magazine.

Body listed for $6900 at B&H (cannot be ordered)
The Sigma SD1 listing at B&H Photo has been updated with a price, it is $6900. It remains un-orderable. Via/more at the dpreview Sigma forum.

Photo-blogo-sphere Reactions
+ Explaining the SD1 price at Luminous Landscape (this a new article posted today)
+ Price-talk at Photography Review - "call me a skeptic"
+ The end of the Foveon sensor says The Leica Boss
+ Rytterfalk opines on the official samples (he was one of the shooters)

Conspiracy Theory: Sigma secret agent testing price-points in the forums?
"rtrski" in the comments of the aforementioned Rytterfalk post points out a poll on the SD1 price started in the dpreview forums by a mysterious and new forum user, KAF18500. Some of the posts make it sound like he/she is inside the Sigma firewall, but as usual with forums, you can never really know. The first post was the definition of fanboy red meat. The three price options he/she gave were $9700, $4800 and $2700 with $2700 noted as financially impractical. (if the name KAF18500 sounds familiar, it is the Kodak sensor of the Leica M9).

More dpreview Sigma Forum debates
+ speculation on SD1 vs Nikon D7000
+ I can see SD1 dead pixels from my house!
+ reactions to the latest Luminous Landscape article and even more reactions
+ maybe there's a Sigma SD16 in the wings?
+ patience please OR the final chapter
+ e-mail Sigma Japan with your feedback say some photographers, others disagree
+ quote of the day: "Logic Can Not Explain An Illogical Act"
+ blues song/poem: "Sigma Blues"

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